Dancing With The Stars 2019: "I'm Just Having So Much Fun": Constance Hall Gracefully Claims Third Place

Constance Hall exceeded all her expectations making it to the grand finale.

She and her professional dance partner Gustavo Viglio performed for the final time together on Monday night -- and claimed third prize, against some seriously stiff competition. 

Constance stepped up tonight with no fear, telling herself to "just have fun and not worry" about the outcome, explaining that she was "throwing it to the gods" when it came down to the combined judges' scores and votes from the viewers.

Constance and Gustavo's first dance in the grand finale was another rendition of their quickstep set to Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson's version of "Valerie". Queen Constance scored a solid 23 from the judges and noted that she'd gotten to a point in the competition where she was "just having so much fun".

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Her final freestyle dance meant it was finally time for the pair to do “whatever we want to do” explained Gustavo. Kitted out in leather, chains -- and Gustavo rocking a bandanna -- the pair did just that and crushed their performance to The Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction” which earned them a 24.

(Network 10).

And although they came third -- after winner Samuel Johnson and runner-up Courtney Act -- the pair graciously celebrated how far they'd come in the competition and thanked their lucky stars that Dancing had brought them together.

"She is my new sister,” said a teary Gustavo, describing the bond they've formed over the last few months.

Constance was playing throughout the comp for her chosen charity, Rafiki Mwema -- an organisation that provides medical attention, therapy and education to children in Kenya who have survived abuse at home, and on the streets. Rafiki Mwema works with families, communities, churches, and villages in their fight to end the cycle of sexual abuse.

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Founders Sarah and Anne-Marie posted on Instagram ahead of Constance's final performance, paying tribute to the work she's done for the charity in recent years.

"She has already won in our eyes," the post read. "She fights for us, for our children, for women around the world and now most recently she is helping people stand up to bullies. She is the voice for so many. "

Constance had a challenging start to the season as she navigated the world of dance -- she revealed ahead of her Viennese waltz that she was much more comfortable in bare feet or Ugg boots than the sky-high stilettos required on the dancefloor.

And while she received some lukewarm feedback from the judges for the first few weeks, Constance persevered and nabbed her best score ever in Week 7  with a rumba to Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud".

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Semi-finals week gave Constance and Gustavo a shot at redemption at the paso doble, a dance that Constance "hated" the first time around. But their second performance to Demi Lovato's "Confident" proved to the judges that this wasn't the same Constance that stepped on to the dancefloor in Week 1.

"Week to week you guys are stepping it up," Sharna told the duo. "You owned the floor, you owned the dance and you, in this semi-final are the most improved," she told a beaming Constance.

Dancing With The Stars 2019: Constance Hall's Best Week Yet
Constance and Gustavo's Week 7 rumba was judged their best of the season (Network 10).

Constance used her time on Dancing With The Stars not just to improve her quickstep skills -- but to shine a light on issues important to her including anti-bullying and body positivity.

She posted on Instagram that the competition had improved her own relationship with her body, writing that she hadn't "felt this beautiful my whole life" following her rumba performance.

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Constance credited her professional dance partner Gustavo Viglio for mentoring her physically and emotionally through her journey of learning complex routines, rehearsing non-stop, performing on live TV every week and dealing with the judges' feedback.

"Gustavo has a heart the size of the universe," she wrote on social media, adding that the "27-year-old Italian boy has become part of our family already".

Constance and Gustavo, we miss you already!

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