Bachelor In Paradise 2019: Everything We Could Find Out About Bill's Dog Park: An Exposé

After first being mentioned in Ali's season of 'The Bachelorette', when Bill introduced Ali to his friend Amy, the dog park has quietly become the scene-stealer of 'Bachelor in Paradise'.

Bill introduced Amy to Ali as "a girl he met at the dog park", it was eventually revealed that Amy and Bill had hooked up in the past, although Bill has been adamant about the fact that the two never dated.

Cut to Bachelor in Paradise, and Shannon and Bill were the first to arrive. Roughly three seconds later, Shannon revealed that she eats her lunch in the very same dog park that Bill takes his dog to!

Next up, Flo arrived in Fiji and promptly took Bill on a date, declaring that she was "one of Bill's girls from the dog park".

In last night's episode, Bill and Alex Nation talked out all of the drama that went down after the rose ceremony, and while trying to convince Alex that they had a future together in the outside world, he mentioned looking forward to doing "normal things" with her like "walking the dog at the dog park".

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Enough was enough, and we just had to get out our magnifying glasses and find out literally everything we could about Bill's infamous dog park.

The people needed to know!

So, where is this dog park? We have it on good authority that the dog park in question is Victoria Gardens in Prahan (sorry, Punkee! It's not Fawkner Park! We love you though.) so this was a great tip for our investigation.

First up, we had to confirm our tip.

You'll recall that Bill took Ali to his beloved dog park during their hometown date:

A commenter on this post tagged a friend, writing "Vic gardens!" but we also went a step further, and matched the fountain in the background of these shots with other photos taken in Victoria Gardens.

With that sorted, we got to Googlin', and here's what we came up with.

Time Out said that the garden is "two hectares" and "has maintained some of its original Victorian character elements". Stunning! We love that.

What SHAPE is the park, you wonder? The City of Stonnington website informed us that the park is "rectangular". Lovely, a great shape.

They also noted that there was free parking, public toilets and playground, all of which are handy! Meanwhile, Time Out added that it was "located in a residential area", and noted: "the charming park is a great getaway from the bustling surrounding streets and is perfect for a picnic when the weather permits." We think Bill would agree that it has been rather charming for him.

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With the basics -- like shape, and location -- down, we had a basic picture of this park, but it was lacking in detail. For that, we turned to reviews, scouring Trip Advisor and Google reviews for the real tea.

Aside from learning that they have opera and free yoga in the summer, we gathered up enough reviews to paint you a lively image of the dog park Bill's had so much luck in.

"Sadly the dog owners aren’t diligent collectors of their doggie poo.. kinda spoiled the vibe," wrote one Trip Advisor user. "Nevertheless, a lovely green space with beautiful trees and plenty of seating."

There have been confirmed sightings of "yummy mummies"

Another person was annoyed by the lack of picnic tables, noting:

There is one small area that might be suitable for picnics near the South entrance, but no picnic tables or BBQs as you might find in other parks.
The dogs are "everywhere"
And not everyone is a fan!

Meanwhile, there were a few people who were a little disappointed to find that it wasn't as big as they were expecting:

This is a lovely park that allows you to escape from the noise of Prahran and Chapel street. It's not as big as I'd imagined, walking end to end will take around two minutes at a moderate pace.

Worth a visit if you are in the area.

A site that reviews Melbourne playgrounds also noted that there is an "ugly side of a house" near the playground, which ruins what "would be [an] extremely pleasant courtyard setting" otherwise. Sad!

Finally, we turned our attention to social media, and -- somewhat unsurprisingly -- found many photos of people's dogs.

And indeed, it appears to be a fabulous place to socialise and eat great food!

Anyway, we hope this has helped clear things up for you, as it's certainly been an enlightening journey for us all.

The only question that remains is whether the dog park will replace the Bachelor mansion next season:

Live laugh love!

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