DWTS 2019: Constance Hall's Impassioned Post Ahead Of Grand Finale

Constance Hall has promised to dedicate her performance in the 'Dancing With The Stars' grand finale to victims of bullying.

In a post to her nearly 400,000 Instagram followers, Hall made an impassioned call out to anyone struggling with bullying, motherhood, mental health and self-esteem issues, and body image, making this vow: "I'll dance for you".

"Tomorrow I get on that stage and I dance," she wrote. "To every child or teenager who’s being bullied at school or online. I’ll dance for you," added Hall.

She also gave shout outs to any woman "trapped in a situation that she can't see a way out of" and "every person who's ever laid awake at night hating their own bodies".

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"To every person crippled by anxiety and all of the “but what if..” worries that fly around their head controlling their lives with the fear that something terrible is about to happen. I’ll dance for you," said Hall.

Tomorrow night, Hall will perform with her professional dance partner -- and new family member, Gustavo Viglio -- in an attempt to win the mirrorball trophy and $50,000 for her chosen charity, Rafiki Mwema.

Hall has long been a passionate advocate against bullying -- citing the cause as the reason she put her name down for Dancing With The Stars in the first place. Her experience on the show has since helped her conquer her own demons and tackle her insecurities.

She added on Instagram that grand finale night was going to be a significant moment for her -- whatever the outcome of the competition.

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"Because tomorrow night I am not trapped, I am not bullied, I do not hate my body, tomorrow night I am lady f***ing Gaga dancing my heart out for you," she said. "And for my charity, to free the most abused children of the world."

She paid tribute to her competition -- Courtney Act and Samuel Johnson -- saying that they all "deserved to win".

"...Their charities are extraordinary causes and I am so proud to even be sitting next to them, it will be an honour to come second or third to these extreme legends.

Dancing With The Stars Grand Finale Airs Monday, April 22 at 7:30, only on 10 and WIN Network. 

Featured image: Network 10.