The Twilight Zone Episode That Haunts Taissa Farmiga To This Day

With 10 All Access dropping the first four episodes of Jordan Peele's reboot of 'The Twilight Zone' today, we got the scoop on the stars' favourite eps.

Taissa Farmiga -- who will star in the show's seventh episode -- said that The Hitch-Hiker episode made such an impact on her that she still thinks about it all the time.

"To this day I cannot get into my car -- especially at night -- without looking in the backseat to make sure nobody is there," she shared. "The image of that man in the rearview mirror still haunts me.

"But I guess that's the whole point," she mused, "you keep thinking about what you've watched and what you need to learn from the episodes."

John Cho said that while The Hitch-Hiker was the episode that "affected" him the most, the "most memorable episode" for him was Nightmare At 20,000 Feet.

"The Shatner plane episode," he said, "it's just a really, really terrifying episode."

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This was also Adam Scott's favourite episode, which is pretty lucky, considering he stars in the rebooted version of it. Still, it sounded like he would've been pretty happy to take on any role offered to him, as he said that "there really are so many masterpiece-level episodes of The Twilight Zone".

Kumail Nanjiani agreed.

"I love The Twilight Zone, I was a big, big, big fan of The Twilight Zone," he said, sharing that one of his favourites is Eye of the Beholder.

"A woman is getting plastic surgery because they say that she's hideous," he explained. "I've got a really arresting image of the people with all these masks stuck to their faces... "

To see what the rest of the stars said, check out the video above.

The Twilight Zone is streaming now on 10 All Access and 10 Play.