Brooke Blurton And Narelda Jacobs On What They're Attracted To In A Person

10 News First Perth journalist Narelda Jacobs sat down to chat with 'Bachelor in Paradise' alum Brooke Blurton.

The two inspiring women interviewed each other about their identities, what they find attractive in another person and their love for their shared home state of Western Australia.

Here we go!

How Would You Describe Each Other In Three Words?

Narelda volunteered to begin describing Brooke, who has been a fan favourite on both Nick Cummins' season of The Bachelor and, more recently, Bachelor In Paradise.

"Brooke is very honest, she is genuine, and I mean I don’t want to place any emphasis on beauty so I’m not going to say beautiful, but I will say… funny!" the journalist said. 

Brooke returned the compliments, describing Narelda as "fierce and strong and just... a role model."

Narelda on The Project.
What Attracts You To A Person?

It's something we've watched Brooke navigate on Bachelor In Paradise, but she gave Narelda a definitive answer about the qualities she's attracted to in another person -- and it's all to do with the self-confident glow from within.

"This! Exhibit A!" Brooke said of Narelda.

"Just whatever she’s doing, that’s what I want," she laughed. 

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"I think confidence ... not arrogance," Brooke said, carefully considering her answer.

"Confidence within themselves and what their own capabilities are," she explained, adding that work ethic is "really sexy". 

"If they’ve worked hard to get where they are. And I think I would just say pride in themselves -- whether it’s taking pride in their looks or even just taking pride in who they are, I think that’s really sexy."

Narelda agreed that confidence was important to her too, along with having a good sense of humour.

“Being able to laugh is the biggest one of all, and then having the confidence and carrying yourself and knowing that you belong in all sorts of different settings and being outgoing, they’re the best things for me,” she said.

What Are Three Things You Love About Being West Australian?

Narelda and Brooke both hail from Perth and discussed a few of their favourite things about the Wildflower state.

"I love that we all feel connected in some way," Narelda began, adding that her roots run deep in WA, and she's always finding old connections in her community. 

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"People come up to you and they’re like ‘you went to school with my sister’ or ‘you played sport with my daughter’, that sort of thing, so we are all very connected to one another here in WA," Narelda told Brooke. 

"And plus just the environment, you know, being able to go to the beach or go to Serpentine Falls or go for a nice walk or something, it’s beautiful, we live in a beautiful part of the world."

Brooke -- who is regularly posting snaps from Perth's most beautiful beaches and bush walks on Instagram -- agreed with Narelda about the natural wonders on their doorstep.

"We are really lucky," she said.

"I would say, we have the best backyard, I encourage people to explore it more often, I need to do it myself."

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