Dancing With The Stars 2019: Sharna Burgess Gives Her Tips For The Final Three

As we near the grand finale of 'Dancing with the Stars' we caught up with someone who has a lot of experience being in the final three.

During her eight years on the American version of Dancing with the Stars, Sharna Burgess has been in the final three a whopping five times.

In the most recent season, Sharna and her celebrity partner Bobby Bones took out the top prize, taking home the mirror ball trophy. Then making the leap across the judges' desk, trading in her dancing shoes for a scoring paddle, Sharna is the perfect person to offer up some advice to Constance, Samuel and Courtney ahead of the finale.

Speaking to 10 daily Sharna said, "The greatest thing that I can tell any of these couples is that they've already done the work, they've learned everything they can possibly learn."

"The last thing to do is to just enjoy sharing the stage."

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Sharna went on to say after the season is over celebs often say they miss being on the dance floor and the experience of dancing alongside their pro partner.

"You don't want to go into your final day and not be present and open to enjoying it because you're worried about winning," she said. "That's when I've had the best moments and performances when you're just enjoying the moment and giving it everything you've got."

Though she's been through her fair share of DWTS seasons, this one has packed "quite a few elimination shocks," Sharna said laughing.

"Australia is starting to understand the voting really, really counts," she continued, "you can't just rely on the judges' scores."

"You can't think your favourite is safe because they had a good night... because of that we lost a few great dancers throughout the season," she said adding that Olympia Valance's exit was probably the biggest shock, admitting she would have liked to have seen the Playing for Keeps star in the finale.

The other surprise for Sharna has been the professional dancers, "They're babies! They're so young and doing such incredible work coaching, mentoring and guiding [the celebs]."

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Pointing to Samuel Johnson and his partner Jorja, Sharna spoke about how the pair haven't just worked on dance technique but also worked on so much more together.

"It's not just dancing and the physicality but mental health as well, we see the human side of these people," she said. "That's the beauty of DWTS, we get to see these celebs open up, we see where they came from."

"That's what's so special about our show, it's real. We live in a world of fake reality TV, where people love controversy like MAFS, but this is wholesome and inspiring. You find these human moments."

Relating to the dancers is something that comes easily for Sharna who has been through the Dancing experience. For her, there's a natural empathy that comes through her judging -- understanding the pressure and time constraints the celebs and pro dancers are under.

But for her first time making the change from dancer to judge, Sharna said it felt incredible. "I feel so at home behind the judges' desk."

"Over the last eight years I've gained so much knowledge on what it's like to be a pro dancer and understand that experience they're going through day-to-day," she told us.

"I can have empathy for them and at the same time, I've been a ballroom dancer my whole life, I know technique like the back of my hand so I can so I can see what they need to work on, where they need direction."

While fellow judge Tristan MacManus has also been a pro dancer, Craig Revel Horwood has always been a judge on the series. "Craig has never been on that side of the desk so sometimes I'll agree with him but I see it from a different perspective," Sharna explained.

"That's what makes the three of us so awesome together, we have three ways of delivering and three ways of cutting through. But I'd hate to do this job without the experience on the other side."

Meanwhile, as someone who has been linked to several of her former dance partners in tabloid headlines, we couldn't help but ask Sharna on what she thought about the chemistry between some of the celebs and pro dancers this season.

"Because I'm single, every season I'm on there are love rumours," she said with a hearty laugh.

"I think the issue is people misunderstand what the connection is. Two people in a room every day with one another, they're physical because they have to be," she said, "they have to create stories of love, lust and passion."

Describing it as an inbuilt intimacy that's not romantic, Sharna explained that to make the partnership work the pair need to open up, to have a vulnerability that creates a close bond.

"There are so many friendships built and bonds created," she said of her own past partners, "I'll be at one of their weddings soon. It's huge the connections you make."

She quickly added, "There are also the ones you can be fine never seeing again."

While there are just a few performances standing between our final three and the mirrorball trophy, Sharna's final words of advice for Constance, Samuel and Courtney were simple.

"At the end of the day it is a competition, so stay in your team, stay focused but be in the moment. Don't worry about the couple next to you or the results, just be with each other and share the moment."

Dancing With The Stars Grand Finale Airs Monday, April 22 at 7:30, only on 10 and WIN Network.