Bachelor In Paradise 2019: Rachael Tells Us Paradise Wasn't What She Expected

Rachael Gouvignon had plenty to tell us about her short stay in Paradise.

She's best known for her time on Richie Strahan's season of The Bachelor and last year's Bachelor In Paradise, but Rachael told 10 daily over the phone that this time around, the atmosphere felt a little different.

"It wasn’t… what I expected," she laughed. 

"I guess walking in last year, I felt as though everybody was a lot more focused on actually finding somebody and there was a bit more depth to relationships when I walked in," she said, adding that she could "literally feel love in the air". 

But she explained that this year's version of Paradise felt like people were "playing a lot more of a strategic game".

Rachael initially made connections with Nathan and Bill in Paradise-- but as soon as Richie walked in, all bets were off and she was quick to remind everyone that he was, in fact, "her bachelor" despite him developing a relationship with Cass Wood.

She told us that, although it seemed Richie wasn't interested in her, they had a few deep and meaningful convos that the camera didn't catch, with the former Bachelor opening up to her about the aftermath of his relationship with Alex Nation.

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"He found it really hard dating women in the real world because he was so hurt -- he almost made out as if he kind of needed Paradise to re-start the dating game, to test the waters and see how he’s going," Rachael told 10 daily. 

"So I guess I could just see that there was still so much hurt in his eyes, I didn’t know that he was even ready to be there," she said. "So I kind of backed away from that".

Rachael continued on to say that Richie did take her aside to "express concerns about him and Cass" and that he "really, really wanted to spend some time and talk to me".

(Network 10).

Which is why she planned that 3-hour dinner party, whisking Richie away for a secluded date, leaving behind a confused and upset Cass. She explained that the dinner included conversations of a potential relationship beyond Paradise.

So I don’t know, in my mind, if I’m on a date with somebody and I’m not that keen, I wouldn’t sit there for three hours, I would just get up and leave. But he was showing a lot of interest in me and was like ‘I want to spend time with you and get to know you more’ yeah, really, it was like ‘okay cool, I’m interested in exploring this more with you’.

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Rachael was sent home after she failed to receive a rose from either Bill, Nathan or Richie, leaving Paradise in the same episode as Party Brittney and Brooke Blurton.

She told 10 daily that she only regrets not spending more time with James 'Jimmy' Trethewie because "he doesn't really like to play games with people" but overall, she didn't really have her heart set on anyone.

Rachael did learn a few lessons about herself during her second stay in Paradise.

"This time around it’s probably taught me to never date on an island with multiple people, ‘coz that doesn’t work," she laughed. 

She also said she's taken some time to consider her dating strategy for the future.

"It’s been really interesting looking back and seeing like ‘no wonder I'm single because I clearly choose the wrong guys, every time!’" she told 10 daily.  

I think I need to have a different strategy with my selection of men because clearly ... they pull the wool over my eyes so easily! That’s why I ask such direct questions, because I want to know the truth, I want to know that they’re being genuine, but maybe they’re good at lying!

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So would Rachael be willing to take all these lessons into another season of Paradise, given the chance?

"[Making a choking, laughing noise of disbelief] I mean, whaddya you reckon?! Yeah, I think that’s a no!" she said. 

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