Bachelor In Paradise 2019: Brittney Gave The Most Brittney Interview Possible

Party Brittney may have had a fleeting time on 'The Bachelor', not finding a spark with the Honey Badger she returned to 'Paradise' with a vengeance.

And thank God she returned. Brittney -- or Littney or Party Brittney or Conga Queen -- was an absolute blast to watch as she powerwalked around the pool, dodged birds and tried time and time again to find a bachelor who could match her energy.

Despite seeing some initial chemistry with Ivan, things petered out pretty quickly leaving queen Britt to ponder her future with her favourite tree.

While you may think Brittney could have been amping things up for the camera, here's our attempt to chat to her after her time in Paradise.

We're so glad you came back because Paradise would not have been the same without you. How was your experience?

I loved it! It was so good. Like a true representation of myself! I had a ball, I don't think I could have had any more fun... well I could have if they didn't kick me off!

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It seemed like you just were a constant ball of energy, even when there was a lot of drama going on...

I know! We're on holidays ploise!

Was Paradise a different experience to The Bachelor?

Absolutely. This time I got to speak to a man!!! You get to be free, do whatever you want, talk to whoever, you get time to yourself and to dance all the time!

Have you been watching the episodes?

Absolutely I'm like OMG what's going to happen next. I didn't realise my laugh was so embarrassing I'm like all gums but never change hey.

Everyone was so happy to see you and Ivan start to form a connection but what happened?

Yeah absolutely, I got played hard! He didn't even tell me. It was like I was a ghost. Lucky I was Casper the friendly ghost!

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It must have been hard to watch him just move straight on to other people in front of you.

Absolutely, so difficult. We're there to find a connection but if he was honest with me... he just kept me in the dark. [He was taking others away for chats] like right in front of my face I'm like... where's the popcorn.

Did you feel like you were making connections with other people?

The tree couldn't talk back so we never got into a fight.

Have you heard from Ivan since?

He called me last week after six months and said, "I hope you're over it." I said I was over the night he didn't say my name and that I wanted a man, not a boy!

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So since Paradise have you met someone special or are you still looking for Mr Right or Mr Tree?

Nah still single, I'm still lookin' for them big coconuts.

Do you think you'd head back to Paradise for another chance at love?

Oh sure, absolutely... if they have better men. Or more trees! I love variety.

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Featured image: Network 10.