Bachelor In Paradise 2019: Zoe Fills Us In On Her Bachelor Return After Four Years Off The Grid

Speaking to 10 Daily over the phone, Zoe gave us the scoop on her "surreal" and "exciting" return to the world of Bachie babes.

Calling it "very strange", Zoe told us that "because it was so long ago" that she was last on the show -- she appeared on Blake's season of The Bachelor in 2014 -- "no one really" remembered her.

"It's cool in a sense," she said, "because they're like 'who's this?' and I'm like 'hi guys!' I think it was probably an advantage in that everyone just got to judge me on face value without preconceived ideas. They were just like ‘oh, new chick! Let’s meet her!’"

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While everyone was happy to meet Zoe, we also got to see a very awkward scene in which she tried to form a connection with some of her Paradise buddies, only to realise they had all formed connections already.

"Crickets!" Neither Jules, American Alex or Bill wanted a bar of Zoe when she arrived (Network 10).

"I was like ‘oh, okay! I thought I was coming into a singles island not a couples resort!’ I was like ‘I think I’m on the wrong island!’" she laughed. "So that was a little bit odd at the start but as soon as I got talking to people, I could understand a bit more. They’d just been through a rose ceremony, they’d just been given roses and they didn’t wanna do anything -- I completely understand that, but at the start it was a little bit daunting."

Also working against her was the sense that she was "a little bit of an outsider" compared to the rest of her Paradise pals, many of whom already knew each other.

"It's not that people weren’t nice, everyone was nice -- but I felt like a little bit of an outsider because everyone knew each other and I also feel like it’s a bit of a different generation now, if that makes sense," she mused. "I was so long ago, but everyone was lovely and everyone was welcoming but I definitely felt like it was a little bit odd".

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The whole experience has been pretty different from her Bachelor journey, with Zoe telling us that "there wasn’t even a Bachelorette" when she was on the show.

"There were no guys in the equation, it was just the one guy!" she exclaimed. "So you came out of the season and you had heaps of girlfriends but you didn’t then go and meet a heap of guys who’d just been through the same thing."

With so much time in between her last Bachie appearance, we had to ask: what had she been upto?

(Network 10).

"Okay! So in a nutshell --  " Zoe laughed. "No, basically I've just been working really hard on my career.

A clinical pharmacist, Zoe works with a biotech company and travels a ton for work, but "there's been no love life to report".

After years of working hard, though, Zoe is "really ready to meet someone".

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"I’m not sure how ready I was when I went on The Bachelor," she said. "I think I thought I was ready but I actually really wasn’t. I’d just been overseas volunteering for 18 months and I didn’t even really have a career set up in Australia or anything.

"I thought I was ready but now I’m like ‘okay, my life is awesome, I’m so ready to have a partner in crime’."

Heading into Paradise, Zoe barely knew any of her fellow cast mates.

"I knew Alex Nation, because we’d met randomly before at like an airport or something and I had watched Richie’s season, but I’ve sort of been away for work and all sorts of different things so I’d sort of lost track," she said.

Once she got the opportunity to head over to Fiji, though, Zoe said she began her research, checking out Ali's season of The Bachelorette for any potential suitors.

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So far, her pick -- "heartthrob Rob, we nicknamed him!" -- hasn't made an appearance in Paradise, but that was it on her list.

"I think I liked Charlie at the start but then as I got more and more through the season I was like ‘take him off my list! I’m not sure anymore!’" she laughed.

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