Bachelor In Paradise 2019: Paradise Dad Osher Is Super Proud Of Nathan

Turns out, Nathan might be the most ~mature~ resident in Paradise.

After a group date cruising around on lounge chair boats, Nathan revealed he wasn't too happy that his relationship with Brooke wasn't exclusive, adding that he was "pissed" about her blossoming connection with Alex Nation.

At drinks that evening, he invited Brooke for a chat to figure out why she hadn't committed to anyone. And for a minute, it seemed as though Nathan was in danger of following Paddy's lead in attempting to force Brooke into making a decision.

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"It feels like you're trying to get an answer out of me and I can't give that answer," Brooke said. 

"You've got chemistry... you've got all these things," said Nathan of Brooke's budding romances with Alex Nation and American Alex.

"I feel like I'm actually what you want," he said.

(Network 10).

But right as we were getting mad that he was making our girl Brooke cry, the tone of their conversation changed and it actually ended up to be quite a civilised little chat.

"The last thing I want you to think is that I'm... trying to have a fling...I do care about you," he said, adding in an interview that he was going to take a step back.

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"Maybe you do just need to explore what it is with Alex and we just need to stick to friends," he told Brooke, adding that he didn't want to potentially hurt her and ruin something she might have with someone else.

Which had our wise Paradise dad Osher beaming from ear to ear, chuffed that 23-year-old Nathan actually... maybe did the right thing?

Of course, it's Paradise, and almost anything could happen next but at the moment Nathan gets a gold star for some open and honest communication beyond his years.

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