Bachelor In Paradise 2019: James Just "Wanted To Find One Person" In Paradise

After making connections with Shannon and Alex Nation in Paradise, last night's episode saw James Trethewie leave Paradise, probably for good.

Speaking to 10 Daily over the phone, James told us that he felt like he'd made a "pretty good attempt at trying to find love on national TV".

He laughed. "I think I’m kind of probably pretty happy to hang the boots up there".

Noting that there's "only so many times" you can put yourself out there like this, James went on to say that while his Bachelor experiences have been "fun in their own way".

"I’ve formed really good connections and made really good friends with people," he shared. 

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Although his quest for love may not have worked out -- "which sucks", he said -- James remains undeterred. "It’s a big world out there, there’s plenty of fish out in the ocean, I guess," he said.S

Looking back on his time in Paradise, he said that it was "an amazing time", and aside from the love connections, there was a ton of other exciting stuff going on that made the trip for him.

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"I love being near the ocean and nature and the reef," he said. "There’s a lot not shown, [but we're] snorkelling, paddleboarding, we’re all hanging out 24/7, so we’re only kind of seeing a snippet of our time in there. So I made heaps of really good connections with everybody."

"Even though I didn’t have a date card or anything, every day we were kind of hanging out, we had a great time," he continued, before adding with a laugh: "I mean, there was a lot of drama, don’t get me wrong!"

Cass counsels James through his Alex Nation woes (Network 10).

For James, the downfall that led to his departure seemed to be his "slow and steady" approach to forming connections.

After "a few good days" with Shannon, Shannon ended up picking Paddy for the first date of the series, marking the end of her connection with Jimmy, who then moved onto Alex Nation.

After giving Alex his rose and getting on "really well together", James soon found himself entangled in a love "square? Octagon? I don't know what shape it is!" that included Alex Nation, Bill, Brooke, American Alex and Nathan.

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"There were a lot of people in there that were exploring multiple connections, so it was getting a bit kind of, overwhelming -- everybody was sort of swapping, mixing around," he said. "It’s hard because I think for me I just sort of wanted to find one person."

James explained that it was a "kick in the guts" when he wasn't picked by Alex Nation for a date (Network 10).

James continued: "It didn’t mean like ‘that’s it, lock it in, it’s… marriage’ but just one person who you think ‘hey you know, you’re really cool, let’s just hang out in here and see where it leads’."

Explaining that the idea of exploring multiple connections at once was out of his character, James went on to say that this was "kind of why it didn't really work" for him.

"I think that sort of slow and steady approach probably didn’t suit the environment and that’s what I found hard about being in there, in the end," he said.

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Given his one-on-one approach to making connections, James wondered if coming in further into the series may have worked in his favour, given that people would have been a bit more settled and exploring fewer connections at once.

Or, maybe he just didn't meet the right girl.

"I’d also thought Sophie might’ve been in there, and thought she could be pretty cool, but yeah, but she ultimately wasn’t in there," James said.

All the best in the future, James!

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