Dancing With The Stars 2019: Jett Kenny And Lily Cornish Set The Record Straight On Dating Rumours

We caught up with the semi-finalists after their elimination on Monday to ask them if they were dating 15 times in a row.

"We've gotten pretty good at coming up with different answers to that," Jett Kenny told 10 daily when we joked about the constant dating rumours between him and his professional dance partner Lily Cornish.

The 24-year-old competitive life-saver and model laughed at the many, many articles confirming and speculating on whether the pair were romantically together before asking, "A lot of the articles couldn't even get our ages right. Am I still 23?"

While a ton of the focus for most of the celebs on Dancing with the Stars has been on their performances and the stories they've told during their time in the competition -- for Jett and Lily, it was almost entirely on the fact that people wanted to know if they were together or not.

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"Obviously Jett's more used to it than me but when he showed me the first article I was like how do people know this about me?" Lily said. "It was a real invasion of privacy! It's so strange," she laughed remembering seeing the first paparazzi shots of the pair in an article.

"Since then I've just been looking around like... can I go out in this [outfit]?" The 20-year-old pro dancer also said it was even weirder to see assumptions about her printed, "They'd say 'Lily feels this way about Jett' and I was just like... wait, what?"

One story went so far as to announce Jett had set off catfights between Lily and three of the other dancers. The pair were in hysterics remembering the ridiculous web of romances they didn't realise they were involved in.

"One of the dancers, Alex, was like 'How come I wasn't in this?'. It was really funny," Jett remembered.

"She messaged the group chat saying she was really disappointed, she was desperate to start something," Lily added.

Despite the rumours of romance it's clear to see the pair had a brilliant connection which kept them fighting through the competition, missing out on fighting for the top spot by just one week. It was also a close call with the pair facing off against Samuel Johnson and his pro partner Jorja in a jive showdown.

"We’re a bit disappointed we missed out by one week and that my strongest dance was the one that got me out," Jett said before Lily jumped in adding that the pair went out on a high.

"We had the best experience and we love the people who are left in the final," she said.

Jett was a fighter in the competition, with his biggest critic being himself (yep, even with Craig in the mix), his background in physical competition saw him push himself each week striving to improve. But there was a time when he almost didn't show up for day one.

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"I remember sitting in the car before the first day, outside the studio, thinking like... I hadn't signed a contract yet," he said. "I was like 'I don't have to walk in there'."

"I was petrified, I didn't know if I could learn to dance, I didn't know if I could do any of it. I got in there and I was ready to give it 120 percent, but once I fell into it a bit more I got more comfortable."

For Lily, it was also a nervewracking experience. Despite being a competitive dancer for years it was new for her to step into the world of DWTS.

"In competition, there are no lifts or tricks, it's just about the technique so this was very different," she said having to incorporate the technique the judges would be looking for versus the more showy tricks to make the routines entertaining for the audience and public at home.

On top of all that she had to be Jett's teacher.

"Usually if I was competing I'd be focused, just caring about myself, but for this, I had to make sure Jett was okay! It was such a different experience but I think I've grown as a teacher," she said.

Jett then jumped in to give her "massive props". "She's only 20, she's young -- Lily and Alex were the youngest on the show and I think Jimmy [Rees] picked things up a bit more naturally than I did so for me to get to the semi-final shows how talented Lily is and how big her future is."

Speaking of her future, when asked if Lily was keen to jump into the pro dancer role for another season she was a definite yes, but Jett had a small condition:

"Just don't go falling in love with every partner," he said, laughing.

Dancing With The Stars Grand Finale Airs Monday, April 22 at 7:30, only on 10 and WIN Network.