Bachelor In Paradise 2019: Ivan Is Still Chasing Love And His 'Step Up' Dream

It was the avaca-don't heard 'round the nation when Ivan chucked two full avos into a blender, but now, Ivan is dancing back into our hearts looking for a second shot at love in Paradise.

Our newest Paradise resident entered the fold bearing gifts -- a bountiful basket filled with his signature fruit, of course.

"Who wants avocado mousse?" he yelled as Bill, Nathan and Paddy sprinted over to greet him.

"It's probably one of the biggest bro-downs I've seen in Paradise so far," observed Richie of the exciting entry.

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Although it wasn't just the boys who were happy about their new neighbour --  with Party Brittney coyly announcing that she was off to brush her teeth in preparation for their introduction.

We first met Ivan during Ali Oetjen's season of The Bachelorette last year, and since then, the pro dancer has been chasing his dream on the small screen as part of the TV series, Step Up. 

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"It’s going really good!" he told 10 daily. "Yeah, no, ‘coz uh, the series is contracted for five seasons, and there’s other stuff in the works, so, yeah! You’ll have to wait and see!"

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While Ivan didn't have any luck connecting with Ali, he told 10 daily why he decided to put his heart on the line again in Paradise.

"Well I think it's much more of a normal setting," he told us, adding that it's not as "cutthroat" as the Bach mansion where everyone is fighting for the same person.

"I felt like, well, obviously I’m still looking for love, looking for a girlfriend and why not do it in Fiji with a cocktail in my hand?!"
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Ivan added that his time chasing Ali taught him a thing or two about himself -- and the relationship pitfalls he's keen to avoid in Paradise.

"I fall hard and fast, and I just don’t really know why, sometimes," he laughed, explaining his game plan this time around.

"It’s hard to navigate, but definitely this time I don’t wanna fall in love with the idea of someone, and just actually fall in love with who they are," he said.

Ivan's pretty keen on the idea of Shannon, Soph and Tenille as his dream Paradise connections, he told us, so anything could happen!

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