Adam And Symon Reflect On Five Years Of Gogglebox And One Fish Curry

It's not every morning where an interview kicks off with someone telling you they're battling food poisoning from a fish curry they picked up at a chip shop. 

"Why would anybody get a fish curry from a chip shop?" really was the perfect way to start a chat with Adam Densten and Symon Lovett, the best mates who have been fan-favourites on Gogglebox since the show launched in 2015.

Speaking to 10 Daily via the phone, both Adam and Symon realised their time on the show marked their longest held jobs yet. But the experience still holds surprises.

"It's our fifth year," Symon said when asked if having cameras in the house was still surreal, "the show was originally very strange but now it's like wow, we're still doing it. That's the surreal part, that we're still on it."

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"It's changed from this novelty to a regular thing," Adam agreed, "It's crazy but people keep letting us invade their living rooms."

"It's become very normal to have cameras in the living room... I don't know if that's a good or bad thing. It's almost weird when they're not there."

Through those years, the pair of them have bantered during hours and hours of TV shows, and thinking back over the last five years, neither had any regrets.

"One time I said my mum was a bad cook and then I got a message from mum saying 'I guess you're not coming for dinner for a while'," Symon finally admitted.

With the final episode of season nine looming, the boys discussed their favourite shows. Obviously Game of Thrones got a mention -- well actually it got praised as a "transcendent show of our generation, probably TV history".

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"There is also stuff we love to hate like Married at First Sight where you watch it and feel terrible about yourself, but you feel good because it's not about yourself... then you feel bad again because it's about society," Symon said.

"I think MAFS is just shit all the time," Adam added, "but I watch it because I've got big-time FOMO. We can't be rocking up to work having not watched it, you gotta watch those things."

But the boys are rarely forced into watching something they don't want to see, rather they see Gogglebox as a great way to broaden their TV watching habits.

"That's the beauty of [Gogglebox] Adam said, "it has a lot of light and shade in it. There are shows that are a lot more serious with topics that start conversations in households."

"They get people better aware of what's going on in the world, what's facing the world. Sometimes you're laughing, sometimes you're crying and sometimes you're starting a serious conversation. It's a microcosm of life."

Symon agreed, adding that the variety of shows they get to watch on Gogglebox meant that their TV tastes get a lot more varied. "Shows like Game of Thrones we've dedicated like eight years of our lives to, we obviously go crazy for," he said.

"I remember watching shows like You Can't Ask That on ABC, something I usually wouldn't stumble across... hopefully that's what happens with everybody else, they get exposed to shows they usually wouldn't see and enjoy them themselves."

As long as their tastes for dodgy fish curry have been curtailed, that's the important thing.

You can catch Adam and Symon on the season finale of Gogglebox Thursday, April 17 at 9.40 on 10.