Bachelor In Paradise 2019: Someone Start A Conga Line Because Party Brittney Got A Date

After a week of patiently playing Paradise's third wheel, Brittney decided to take matters into her own hands.

Right after Brit had declared the week, "cloudy with a chance of no love", a new potential suitor bounded into Paradise with an armful of avocados.

"The day just went from gloom to bloom!" Brittney said as Ivan from Ali's season of The Bachelorette introduced himself.

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Our party hero then dashed off to brush her teeth, with Alex Nation explaining in an interview that Ivan was high up on Brit's Paradise wish list.

And instead of waiting for a date card, Brittney decided to act fast and scoop Ivan away for an impromptu rendezvous.

"Women can do things for men, why not? It's 2019!" Brittney said. I'm hoping there's a connection there because it's been a long week in Paradise," she said in an interview.

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"How many times can I be the third wheel?" she jokingly asked Ivan as their unofficial date started with a bang, with Brit making sure to warn him about her fear of birds.

Fans are all about Brittney finally scoring a date and are hopeful that it could be true love for her and Avocado Ivan.

But while things look promising between the pair, anything can happen in Paradise and Brittney supporters have given Ivan a stern warning if he ever thinks about breaking our sweet party girl's heart.

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