Five Bedrooms Star Kat Stewart Tells Us Everything We Need To Know About The Series

The new drama is set to hit 10, and we caught up with one of its stars, Kat Stewart, to find out everything about the series.

"Five people at different stages of their life, from different walks of life, find themselves at a singles table at a wedding," Kat told 10 daily about her upcoming series Five Bedrooms.

"They don't know each other well and over the course of the night -- and after a few drinks -- they're bemoaning that they can't do what they want in the real estate market. So they jump in together."

Yep, they decide the best course of action is to band together to buy a five-bedroom house and become the most unlikely of housemates. It's one of those fun hypotheticals that seem that much more fun fuelled by an open bar and wedding god vibes!

But the next morning, through a haze of open bar regrets, they each begin to see the crazy idea as less and less crazy.

"Don't get me wrong, marriage is a big commitment but babies and real estate are the real commitments."

Calling the motley crew a "semi-functional, de-facto family" Kat said the whole cast fell in love with the series as they made it. "What I love about [the show] is its heart."

"It has a generosity to it, without being cloying, it's flawed people who form a connection and explore the imperfect nature of life."

Created by Michael Lucas, Christina Bartlett, Leigh McGrath, Nathan Mayfield and Tracey Robertson, the series stars Stephen Peacocke as Ben, Doris Younane as Heather, Katie Robertson as Ainsley, Roy Joseph as Harry and Kat Stewart as Liz.

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"Liz spent a lot of her time doing everything by the book and expecting to be awarded accordingly," Kat told us, "she does well and cares about appearances and how she looks to other people, never in a million years would she find herself divorced, in a situation where she can't afford to do anything but move in with these other people."

"The delicious thing about Liz is she's not a quick study," she said. Comparing Liz to one of her most iconic roles, Offspring's Billie Proudman, Kat said Billie had absolutely no filter making her easy to access, whereas Liz is far more guarded.

"Liz has a sophisticated armour in place, it's been a slow burn getting to know her but that's been a wonderful challenge. She's very fragile, but not obvious."

While Offspring was a close look at family dynamics, Kat explained that Five Bedrooms might not be about a biological family, but a chosen family.

While the shows are obviously very different -- and despite a few writers in common -- Kat said they share a very human approach to the characters. "There's a lot of heart and a lot of truth going on and essentially [the characters] mean well even if they muck it up from time to time.

Getting to know Liz has been a great challenge for Kat, who said she was lucky she was able to navigate the role with such a great ensemble.

Five Bedroom premieres 8.30, Wednesday 15 May on Network 10 and WIN Network.