Dancing With The Stars 2019: 'I'm So Flipping Relieved!': Samuel Johnson's Best Dance Of The Season

Samuel Johnson's redemption rumba has been judged his best performance yet.

It was the "train wreck" of a dance that earnt Sam and Lily some abominable scores from the judges when they first gave it a crack -- which is why Craig, Sharna and Tristan decided the pair should give it another go.

"I got my worst score of the series from my rumba, I tanked," Johnson said in an interview ahead of the notoriously tricky dance. "It’s one of the hardest dances to master," he added.

"I’m going to bring more hard work, dedication and commitment than we’ve ever seen," he promised.

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And boy did Johnson deliver -- more than improving on the abysmal 17 he was first scored for his first rumba.

Sharna declared it the couple's "best performance of the season" as they scored two 10s and a nine for their second stab at the dance.

"One of my favourite things is.. the moment right before you two dance," Sharna said of the pair's chemistry. "The beautiful friendship and bond you have formed over nine weeks of dancing," she said.

Johnson also spoke about his Love Your Sister charity, started for his sister Connie who passed away from cancer in 2017.

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The former actor has vowed to raise $10million for Connie -- and is currently at $9.1 mil, with his eyes set on the Dancing jackpot which would pay for a cancer researcher for eight months.

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Sam's tango cha cha fusion -- performed for old mate and supporter Claudia Karvan -- didn't win the same praise from the judges, scoring him a five, seven and six from Craig, Sharna and Tristan.

But after landing in the bottom two, his jive saved him from elimination and Jett and Lily were sadly sent packing.

Dancing With The Stars Airs Monday, February 18 at 7:30, only on 10 and WIN Network. 

Main Image: Network 10