Facebook Users Are Live-Streaming Game Of Thrones -- And People Are Actually Watching

Facebook users are live-streaming footage of their televisions as they play the highly-anticipated first episode of the show's eighth season.

A series of live-streams are currently available of Game of Thrones as the Internet descends into a frenzy over the show's final season.

Some of the live streams have upwards of 1,000 watchers and most of the streams appear to be people simply broadcasting the program as it unfolds on their television screens.

Foxtel have made their position on users live-streaming their programs through Facebook clear in the past -- following the light-heavyweight boxing match between Anthony Mundine and Danny Green last year, Foxtel pursued legal action against users that decided to live-stream the fight.

Source: Facebook.

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One man attracted 112,000 Facebook users to his streaming, which resulted in a Foxtel representative calling him during the program and telling him to shut it down.

Facebook and other social media sites are not protected by the safe harbour scheme that prevents ISPs from being sued for hosting illegal content and so the platform has taken to quickly flagging and stamping out illegal live-streams.

People streaming Game Of Thrones may find their streams quickly muted or terminated completely by an algorithm designed to detect copyright infringements.

Source: Facebook.

Facebook have also implemented a strike system that they do not disclose to accounts, so users may find their accounts suddenly shut down for violating copyright laws without any prior warning.

Distributors have also warned that illegal downloading of the show will be closely monitored -- Foxtel will be taking strict anti-piracy measures and after ensuring that a man was imprisoned last year for allowing illegal access to Foxtel services to over 8,000 people, they're probably not fooling around.