The Jon Snow Tease You Missed If You Streamed Game Of Thrones

If you streamed the first episode of Game of Thrones' final season, you probably missed a crucial tease about the fate of Jon Snow and Winterfell.

WARNING: Spoilers are coming.

The nine-second Game of Thrones 'starts now' promo played before the  episode premiered on cable, and shows a sword lying on a mound of snow in front of a castle as a shadowy figure approaches.

1. The sword is 'Longclaw'.

The white wolf pommel clearly identifies it as 'Longclaw', Jon Snow's Valyrian steel sword, previously the ancestral property of House Mormont.

Something sinister clearly has befallen Jon for his precious White Walker-killing sword to be lying in the snow.

Why is 'Longclaw' lying in the snow and who is approaching it? Photo: HBO

2. The shadowy figure in the background looks White Walker-ish.

The monotonous gait of the silhouette, with arms away from body, seems very on brand for White Walkers. And call us crazy, but is there the hint of shoulder-pads too?

Previously we've seen the White Walkers dismount horse and dragon to finish off a battle in Season 6's The Door, where they slowly marched into the Three-Eyed Raven's cave to execute the coup de grace.

White Walkers DGAF about explosions in 'The Door' Photo: HBO

3. The castle is clearly Winterfell.

The dark masonry and archway are matches for Winterfell. But the long pale banners emblazoned with direwolves clinch it as the home of the Starks.

The sight of Jon Snow's sword in the snow, with a White Walker-ish figure approaching into Winterfell has us officially shook. 

This does not bode well for the living in their upcoming battle against the army of the dead, predicted to occur in episode three.

A Winterfell arch and Stark banners as seen in episode one of the final season Photo: HBO.

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