Game Of Thrones Might Have Revealed What Happened To Ed Sheeran

Warning: the following contains minor spoilers for 'Game of Thrones'.

It was the record-breaking premiere of the final season of Game of Thrones, with HBO saying they had more than 11.8 million viewers -- combined with streaming and catch-up viewers the network said the total audience jumped to 17.4 million. And that's just those watching in the US and via legitimate channels!

A lot of eyes were on the premiere, and some believe we finally got a bit of closure to one of the most surprising, divisive cameos maybe in all of history.

In the season seven premiere, Arya stum bled across a group of Lannister soldiers huddled together singing. He debuted his song "Hands of Gold" and the internet was so furious that he appeared in the series that theybullied him off Twitter.

Writing on Instagram at the time Sheeran said: "Had to get off [Twitter] completely, wasn’t doing anything good for anyone’s sanity. I’m gonna be more present on here and work out things we can all do as a fan base. Love you all, you all rule x."

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So while the cameo didn't go great for Sheeran, there was always the question of what happened to his character... And it appears we may now know.

In the first episode, while Bronn was having a casual orgy at King's Landing, two of his playmates got to chatting about a ginger man named Eddie.

"That boy Eddie," one said. "The ginger?" the other responded. "That's him," the first continued, "came back with his face burned right off. He's got no eyelids now."

"How do you sleep with no eyelids?" her friend responds. How indeed?

While there are obviously tons of redheads wandering around Westeros, it appeared even Sheeran himself assumed the dialogue was about him, posting the dialogue snippet to his Instagram story.

Game Of Thrones Might Have Revealed What Happened To Ed Sheeran
Looks like Eddie won't be blinking out loud any time soon. Image: Instagram.

Sheeran also recently poked fun at his own cameo saying often the reluctant boyfriends dragged to his concerts will always bring it up when they run into each other.

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"People who really don't want to be here always get onto the same subject, they always go 'I mean why was he in Game of Thrones?'"

Still, there are some out there who think maybe Eddie's time on the show isn't done after all. Eyelids or not.

Featured image: HBO.