It's Been 20 Whole Years Since 'The Naked Chef' Hit TV Screens

It's apparently been two decades since we were first introduced to a cheeky young Jamie Oliver.

The Naked Chef first aired on BBC Two in April 1999, and home cooking was never the same again, thanks to the energetic 23-year-old who had us all describing our meals as either "pukka" or "lovely jubbly" for a while back in the day.

"Wowsers!! Still can't believe this week marks 20 YEARS to when The Naked Chef first aired on TV!!! Remember watching it all those years ago??" Oliver wrote on social media.

The first season of The Naked Chef featured episodes where the young Jamie cooked for his boss, his sister's hens night, his band -- and his now wife, Jools, in an episode entitled 'Girlfriend'.

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Jamie posted a snippet of the episode on Instagram, where he makes Jools a perfect chocolate tart.

"Still a real cracker!" he said of the recipe. "Just ask Jools," he wrote, adding that it couldn't have been his "barnet" (mop of hair) that won her over.

Fans of Jamie's have been commenting on the post, reminiscing about the early days of The Naked Chef and the recipes that have become part of their own family history.

"My now husband made this for me on our first date! He was a keeper! Delicious!!" wrote one Instagram user.

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Another fan pointed out that Oliver caused a huge shakeup in what was the norm on TV cooking shows.

"I remember watching you for the first time and thinking wowsers! We had been used to the steady pace of Delia [Smith]  up to this point. I was just blown away by this young guy lobbing together amazing dishes before our eyes," they commented.

Main Image: Instagram/@jamieoliver.