Bachelor In Paradise 2019: "This Is Something Special" -- Sparks Fly Between Alisha And Jules

Having never had a girlfriend in his adult life, Jules was "overwhelmed" when Davey revealed the latest Paradise date card had his name on it.

"This is pressure!" Jules told the group, adding in an interview: "This is the first date card that's had my name on it. I'm a little bit overwhelmed. This is weird!"

After forming a connection with Jules while on the rebound from her whirlwind romance with Paddy, Alisha was soon off on her third date, as she laughed: "I just can't even keep up with Paradise!"

"When I watched Jules on his season of Bachelorette I really thought he was... a real weirdo, to be honest. But from the very first moment I met him, I sort of just clicked with him, and I think that there could be something really exciting and special there," Alisha mused in an interview.

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Sitting down for a romantic, secluded date, Jules and Alisha were treated to a menu full of ~romantic foods~ like asparagus and brie, strawberries and chocolate, and oysters,  which Alisha described as her "go-to on a first date to get everything moving".

A half-joking, half-serious attempt to set the mood had the pair in fits of giggles throughout the date, as Jules flicked an oyster into Alisha's mouth.

"There's a first time for everything and no man has ever fingered an oyster and then forced me to eat it," Alisha laughed. "I don't know who this guy is or where he came from, but I'm enjoying myself. I feel like we just feed off each other. And also tonight we are literally feeding each other."

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"This is amazing! At the moment, this is the best date I've ever been on," Jules echoed in an interview.

Later on, Alisha asked Jules how he was feeling. With sparks clearly flying, Jules noted that they hadn't stopped laughing throughout the four-hour date.

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"I know, I'm pretty happy," Alisha smiled, adding in an interview: "I am really liking Jules, and I just think he's such a character so I'm interested to get to know what sort of person he actually is."

Jules spoke about the men around Paradise who were "dancing for their dinner", trying to impress women they weren't really interested in, in an attempt to get a rose.

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"If something like that is so forced, that's not me. I just want to talk to a darling, talk to a girl because it feels right, regardless of politics of rose ceremonies," he finished.

In an interview, Alisha said she was feeling like their chemistry was "something really special", and was getting the vibe that Jules felt the same way, adding that she's been "waiting for something to click for a while".

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As Jules described the date as "real" and a "big deal" for him, Alisha decided it was time to pull out a classic move.

"You actually do still have some chocolate... " Alisha said, kissing him.

"I'm not a cool guy, I can't deal with this!" he exclaimed as they broke the kiss.

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It seemed that both Alisha and Jules left the date feeling smitten with one another, as Jules said that he was taken by surprise to have built a connection so "early, or [so] intensely".

As for Alisha, she left the date feeling like Jules was "different" from her other encounters in Paradise.

"I just think he is the most incredibly interesting person that I have maybe ever met in my life," she shared. "He is so genuine, he is here for the right reasons and I really like him. This is really good."

Will we see love blossom between Alisha and Jules this season, or will there be a storm on the horizon of Paradise? Anything can happen!

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