Bachelor In Paradise 2019: Alex Nation And Brooke Finally Score A Date Together

It may only be week two of 'Bachelor in Paradise', but there are love triangles and love squares, love shapes all over the place!

At the heart of it all has been Alex Nation, who's been pursuing connections with Bill, Jimmy and Brooke, and then Brooke, who's been pursuing things with American Alex and Nathan, as well as reciprocating Alex Nation's attraction to her.

Tonight, Paradise got another shakeup, as Alex Nation scored a date card -- from her ex-boyfriend Richie, no less -- and finally whisked Brooke away for some alone time, on the first same-sex date in Paradise history.

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"I am so bloody happy," Brooke shared in an interview. "This has been a long time coming, we get to go out of Paradise, Alex and I, by ourselves, I'm super stoked."

While Jimmy, American Alex and Bill were all concerned about their own connections with Alex and Brooke, Nathan said: "To be completely honest, I think Brooke and Alex Nation are going to really hit it off. They're going to have a good time. I feel like there's a bit of chemistry there."

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"Going on this date is actually quite a risk because I've formed a really strong connection with somebody else back in Paradise and I know that she has as well," said Alex. "And I know that her and I definitely have something there and I feel like we both need to figure that out."

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"Alex Nation is absolutely stunning," said Brooke. "I've got a little bit of a crush on her, so I really wanna explore what we could have away from the chaos in Paradise."

Arriving at their date, the pair giggled and flirted as they learned how to make piña coladas from scratch.

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Brooke tried to impress Alex by cracking a coconut, but as it turned out, neither of them were any good at it!

"Don't worry babe, just because you can't crack a coconut -- " Brooke said

"-- Doesn't mean I can't crack your heart?" Alex finished, laughing.

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After days of quick flirtations and brief chats at cocktail parties, Brooke and Alex were alone at last, and the chemistry was evident from the moment they sat down together.

Alex revealed that she wanted to get "away from all the noise" to spend time with Brooke, adding: "You make me nervous, but in a good way".

Brooke was also nervous and noted in an interview that there was "sexual chemistry between [them]" that she could feel building through the date.

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As the date went on, there was a charged moment between the pair, before Brooke smirked.

"You wanna kiss me!" Brooke said, smiling. "You're just getting real shy about it. You've forgotten how to do it."

Alex laughed, accepting Brooke's silent challenge as she leaned in for the kiss we've all been waiting for.

"You haven't forgotten," Brooke said, as they both smiled.

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Describing the energy between them as "so intense", Alex said that they could feel it "from head to toe".

"Today has been perfect, I feel like we've figured out where we're at, but at the same time, we have a lot going on back at Paradise," she said.

With the attention turned back to the bizarre love shape they were entangled in back at Paradise, everyone was questioning how Brooke and Alex's date would impact the rose ceremony.

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Theoretically, Alex and Brooke could give each other their roses, sending an extra two men home and cementing their connection and relationship with one another.

"I've never played it safe, ever," Alex said.

Although the pair debated their options, the rose ceremony went off without any major twists -- Alex gave her rose to Bill, and Brooke gave hers to American Alex, both content in the knowledge that they could keep pursuing one another while keeping the other men in Paradise as well.

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