Queen Vanessa Sunshine Told Us Her Top Tips To Cut Down On Waste

Queen of our hearts, Vanessa Sunshine is also the queen of saving the environment.

Sunshine -- who first warmed our TV screens during Nick Cummins' season of The Bachelor -- made her triumphant return to our lives last week on Bachelor in Paradise.  

After being forced to smell a bunch of dirty shirts, going on a very oily massage date with Nathan and, ultimately, not making any connections with the Bach boys available, Sunshine left Fiji far too early for our liking.

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But after leaving the island, Sunshine had a chat to us about something she's very passionate about -- cutting down on waste -- and shared a few of the ways she tries to reduce her carbon footprint.

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Don't leave home without Your Own Coffee Cup

Instead of churning through disposable coffee cups every time you order a flat white, Sunshine says it's easy to keep your own portable mug in your bag to cut down on waste. She told us she's always prepared for a brew on the go, even though she's not a major coffee addict.

"I don’t drink a lot of coffee but I always have a recyclable coffee cup, that’s an easy one," she told 10 daily. 

You can check out reusable cups that are perfect for coffee on the go at retailers including Frank Green, Keep Cup, Pottery For The Planet and Kleen Kanteen.

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Buy in bulk

Buying in bulk not only means you're cutting down on excessive plastic wrapping -- you're also saving money and time by stocking up on pantry staples like rice, dried beans, flour, spices, nuts and grains.

"I love bulk food shopping," Sunshine told 10 daily.

"I go to The Source all the time. 

The Source has stores across Australia -- plus you can order online -- and is dedicated to the zero-waste movement. The organisation says that its customers have helped save 300,000 kilograms of packaging waste from heading to landfill, and 50 million plastic bags from production.

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Where are your food scraps going?

Sunshine said she took a long hard look at what was ending up in her trash, and realised that there were ways she could cut down on waste and the number of bin liners she was using.

"When I first started I actually went through my trash... I kind of just went through and realised most of it was food wastage," she told 10 daily. 

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The Bachelor alum told us how she avoids all her household waste from heading straight into landfill -- with a technique that also stops any funky compost smells from hanging around. 

"I freeze my food scraps and I take them to my local community garden," she explained.

"So now I just keep a bag or whatever in the freezer."

You can find your nearest community garden by checking the Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network.

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Jars, Jars, Jars

Sunshine also recommends hanging onto any glass containers you buy as a way to store all that delicious bulk food you've stocked up on.

"Keep all your jars for storage, you can put all your food in that," Vanessa told us. 

"You just have to practice, it’s just small steps at a time," she said of learning how to be more conscious of cutting down on waste. 

"You just have to ask yourself what’s important for you,  and for me, it’s just making more conscious choices."

The power is yours!

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