Judge Magda Szubanski Just Ruled The 'Sunday Night Takeaway' Court

Magda Szubanski brought justice -- and a perfect wig -- to the 'Sunday Night Takeaway' court.

The legendary comedian presided over a series of family crimes involving lost teddy bears, missing biscuits and a mysterious stain on a Chesterfield couch.

Swishing her luscious grey wig about and tapping her gavel with authority, Magda listened to the complaints made by daughters Sophia and Sarah over their poor mum, Karen.

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And honestly, Judge Magda needs to be greenlit as a regular TV show because we could listen to Szubanski yell, "order!" and "how do you plead" all night.

Dr Chris Brown and Julia Morris played the role of defence and prosecution -- also sporting long, curly wigs and flowing robes and fans couldn't get enough of it.

And of course, Judge Magda brought justice to her courtroom and dropped all charges against mum Karen, awarding her $3000 for being such a top mum.

Main Image: Network 10