Bachelor In Paradise 2019: Why Tenille Wasn't Surprised That Nick Didn't Pick Anyone

She was the first of two women to walk out on Nick Cummins during his season of 'The Bachelor' but, like Brooke, Tenille is ready for her return to the screen on 'Bachelor in Paradise'.

"Who would’ve thought I’d be back here?!" she laughed, speaking to 10 Daily over the phone.

While plenty of people were shocked by Brooke's revelation earlier this week -- that Nick had told her he wasn't going to pick anyone at the end of his Bachie journey -- Tenille was decidedly unsurprised.

"I remember the conversation I had with him the night I left, and I just said to him ‘look I don’t think I’m gonna be a girl standing at the end of this saying that I love you -- that’s not to say I couldn’t love you further down the track, but the timeline we have and the time that we get to spend together, I don’t feel it’s enough for me to get to that position, I would wanna get to know more about you’ and he looked at me and he said ‘I agree with you’ and I was like ‘okay, I don’t really think he’s gonna get there either’," she revealed.

"I think we just both knew that under those circumstances we weren’t gonna be like, happily, madly, deeply in love at the end of it. I still thought maybe he would give things a go with someone."

Noting that she didn't "hate his decision" to not choose anyone, Tenille added:

"I think he probably wasn’t the best decision to be on that show given that he wasn’t looking for someone to settle down with, but at the same time, I’m like ‘oh you know what, at least he did the right thing by not choosing someone in the end’, and he was fun!"

Describing her time on The Bachelor as "an experience, for sure!" Tenille was much more enthusiastic when describing her time in Paradise.

Calling it "Amazing! Phenomenal!" and "the best time", Tenille was keen from the get-go.

"I was like 'is there any reason to not go into Paradise?!’" she recalled. "I’m like, 'you’re putting me on an island with single men, cocktails, in the sun, right by the beachfront, and plus, you know, friends from my season were there too?' It’s just like the best news ever, who would say no?!"

Keen to meet Ali's runner-up Todd -- aka Hot Todd -- Tenille revealed with a laugh that she'd "originally put down Bill, but then kept watching Ali's season and [she] took Bill back off".

But she was also happy to keep an open mind about the men in Paradise.

"I just got to the point where I was like ‘you know what? Anyone! I don’t care'," she said.

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She explained: "You’ve gotta give ‘em the benefit of the doubt and meet them because I know what it’s like -- we only see snippets of them on their seasons and whatnot, so I’m still open to meeting everyone and chatting to everyone."

A "go with the flow kind of person", Tenille said that Paradise was " a very free environment" compared to the Bachelor mansion that was much better suited to her.

"If you’re feeling a connection with someone, you hang out with them and see where goes, and you know, if that moment stops then off you go to the next thing," she explained, adding that she found the whole situation "easier" and "much more realistic" than the Bachelor experience.

"I never felt the pressure going into Paradise to be standing there at the end saying ‘I love you’ or committing to be with someone for the rest of time," she said. "I just thought if I could leave with a boyfriend or someone hand-in-hand saying ‘let’s give things a go in the real world’,  I could relate so much better to that, rather than being there at the end of Bachelor, being in love."

Although Tenille didn't regret her decision to walk out of the Bachelor mansion, she told us that the "high-pressure environment" left her "feeling like [she'd] lost [herself] a little bit".

"I needed to sort of not let things get to me so much," she said. "I’m a very happy, easygoing person in my life and I just felt like towards the end of that experience I wasn’t so much."

Going into Paradise, Tenille was determined to be herself, regardless of what happened while she was there.

"If something happened, if there was drama in there" Tenille wanted to "try and just let it slide right off and just move on forward in enjoying [her] time there" without "dwelling on the little things".

Whether Tenille was able to maintain her carefree 'tude without getting swept away with the drama remains to be seen, but we'd sure as hell be here for a Tenille and Todd love connection!

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