Bachelor In Paradise 2019: Cat Speaks: "No One Wanted To Be With The Most Hated Chick In Australia"

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our first walk out of the season.

Just two episodes ago, Cat arrived in Paradise, saying that her experience couldn’t “get any worse” than her time on Nick Cummins’ season of The Bachelor, but it appears that may not have been the case.

Upset that Richie gave his rose to Cass and Nathan gave his to Party Brittney, Cat walked out of the first rose ceremony of the season, calling it “absolutely humiliating”.

“I genuinely had a good connection with Richie, like, all day,” she said. “I don’t get it. It honestly shocked me that he chose another girl over me, it’s embarrassing.”

Speaking to 10 daily over the phone today, Cat elaborated.

"I really got led on by Richie," she mused. "We spent so much time together in those days leading up to the rose ceremony -- which obviously they didn’t show -- but I just really felt like… it all got taken away from me so quickly."

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On the night of the rose ceremony, Alisha followed Cat to comfort her, as they quickly locked themselves in the bathroom to debrief.

“I don’t get it!” Cat sobbed. “I’m trying to be so genuine and trying to meet someone and I don’t understand why people don’t like me. I don’t get what is wrong with me, I just did not see that happening. I’m not going back out there.”

Upon exiting the bathroom, Cat had made up her mind to leave Paradise. In her emotional final interview, she said: “I don’t know what it is but I just feel like I can never meet anyone”.

Crying, she went on to say that she “didn’t think [she’d] go on the first night, sharing:

“I don’t know why a guy wouldn’t want a girl who’s confident and outgoing and funny. Like I just feel so unloved and so unwanted right now. I just think Paradise is bulls**t, like, it was a big, fat, ugly waste of my time, and I’m done.”

Speaking to 10 Daily, we chatted to Cat about her time in Paradise and her dramatic exit.

On her connection to Richie, Cat said that she hadn't been getting friend vibes from him, but she was shocked that he chose Cass because she hadn't seen them connecting.

"I love Cass but we’re such different people and I thought Richie and I -- we were having really deep convos and everything, and him and Cass hadn’t really spoken that much," she said. "I could be totally wrong and he could see the spark in her, I don’t know! But I think it’s a lot to do with the fact that no one wanted to be with the most hated chick in Australia."

This is the theme of the rest of our conversation, as Cat told us how her portrayal on The Bachelor left her feeling "almost like tarnished goods".

"I genuinely had a good connection with Richie , like all day," Cat said after the shock rose ceremony.

After leaving The Bachelor, Cat said that dating became more difficult because "people had a preconceived idea" of who she was, and that "all [her dates'] wanted to do was talk about the show".

Turning her hopes to Bachelor in Paradise, Cat said that she'd hoped she could "maybe connect with someone who’d been through the same thing", but that it was "a massive let down".

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"I really went in there and I wanted to meet someone and I just kind of felt like the whole time, no one wanted to get to know me in that manner because of how I was perceived on TV on my season," she explained.

Continuing, Cat elaborated.

"Everyone wanted your Brooke or your Shannon, they wanted those girls. When you get asked, ‘who do you wanna be with, who do you wanna see in Paradise’ -- no one’s gonna say ‘oh I wanna be with Cat, the girl who everyone hates, and who looks like a bitch’, you know? Of course no one’s gonna say they wanna meet me."

Describing the moment she realised she wasn't going to get a rose, Cat said she "had a breakdown" and that her "world kind of came crashing down".

Cat and Alisha dashed to the ladies in the middle of the dramatic rose ceremony. (Network 10)

In hindsight, Cat said that she soon realised that she still had a lot of unprocessed emotion from being on Nick's season when she "jumped back into filming again".

"I didn’t really deal with it properly," she shared. "I just kind of sat there as a support network for Alisha and Romy and I felt like I put my energy into making sure my friends were okay and I didn’t take care of myself, and it wasn’t until Paradise happened that everything kind of came crashing down."

Describing her Bachelor journey as "full on" and "a really hard experience", Cat said that "it was a process for [her] to get over".

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These days, however, Cat's well and truly over it all.

"I’m great!" she told us enthusiastically. "I’ve never been happier, I’ve actually met a guy who is incredible and I’ve moved on. It was so long ago now and I wasn’t in a good place and now I feel so differently about life. I’ve settled back in, I’m near my friends and family, I’ve met an awesome dude and life’s good!"

She laughed. "I’m done with my days of dating shows!"

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