Bachelor In Paradise 2019: Bill And Brooke Fly Into Flirtation With Alex Nation

It was the first group date of the season, and like all good Bachelor reveals, it came with a twist.

Arriving with the date card, Osher explained that before the contestants entered Paradise, they were all asked who they hoped to meet while they were there. The man and woman with the most people who wanted to meet them would then get to choose who to bring on the double date, out of the people who had picked them.

Exposing everyone, Osher quickly revealed that Brooke was the woman of the hour, with Bill, Alex Nation, Paddy and Nathan all saying that they hoped she was in Paradise. Meanwhile, Bill copped the most votes from the ladies, with Alex Nation, Brooke and Alisha naming him.

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Brooke -- the only person surprised by this -- called it a “nice feeling” to have “people showing interest in you”. Bill said he was “pretty flattered” and also said it was “a bit of a shock”.

So, who did they choose? Well reader, this is where it got INTERESTING.

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See, because Bill and Brooke had picked each other already, they couldn’t then pick one another for the date, because they’d already be there and it… you know… wouldn’t be a double date.

With Alex Nation and Alisha to choose between, Bill chose Alex Nation, since Alisha was already paired up with Paddy. This ruled Alex Nation out as an option for Brooke to choose, who was left to choose between Nathan and Paddy.

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Brooke chose Nathan, who was also the “only one that surprised [her]”.

“He was very standoffish when I met him so I was like ‘oh, he probably doesn’t want to get to know me!’ but, Osher, you’re my man! Telling me the truth!” Brooke laughed in an interview. “I feel like this is a good opportunity to get to know him. Plus, it’s like a bonus for me, because Alex does get to come. So, yeah, I get the best of both worlds.”

Calling herself a “lucky duck”, Alex was also excited to be on a double date with Bill and Brooke, and hoped that the date would help her suss out where she stood with both of them. Unlike ducks, though, Alex didn’t seem to have as much luck in the water.

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The date involved one person sitting on what Brooke described as a “huge floating blob thing” while another person jumped onto the other side of it, catapulting the seated person into the water, and Alex was first up.

Bill jumped, and as he landed, sent Alex FLYING into the sky, only to bellyflop into the water, winded and shocked.

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“I thought my life was over, that was it!” Alex exclaimed in an interview later. But it was a good opportunity for Bill to play the hero and to spark some romance between the pair.

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“Bill comes swimming over, he’s like, ‘it’s okay, I’ve got my bronze medallion’, and he’s got me,” she shared. “I haven’t seen that side to Bill yet, and that was really nice.”

Bill was equally attracted to Alex’s resilience, noting that “a lot of people would’ve said ‘Nup, I’ve had enough’” but that Alex brushed the rough start off and continued to have fun with the group.

“It’s a really attractive quality,” he said.

But the sparks didn’t stop there! Brooke was next up, and with Nathan launching her into the water, she was right to be nervous.

“Last words, Brooke?” Nathan asked, before jumping.

“F**k!” she yelled back, before she was sent flying through the sky, pulling some serious acrobatic moves that caught the eye of Alex.

“Brooke has turned into like, an Olympian diver, all of a sudden,” she said. “She’s just done this perfect forwards flip and landed perfectly in the water and I’m like, ‘there she is, that’s my girl’”.

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Although Brooke and Alex remained flirtatious and “touchy feely” with one another, Alex reported in an interview that both of them were like “stunned mullets” around each other.

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“We’re very shy with each other sometimes, which is so not like me!” Alex said. “She makes me nervous… I think that means feels. That’s definite feels.”

With a connection formed between Alex and Bill and Alex and Brooke, the question became one of whether Brooke and Nathan would connect as well.

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As the pairs split off for a little alone time, Brooke said that she’d seen “a little bit of a sweeter side” and “a bit of flirtation” from Nathan that intrigued her.

Acknowledging that she had “a lot going on” in Paradise, Nathan told Brooke he hoped she would consider their connection, as well, and make her love triangle with the two Alexes into a love square.

And reader, she was keen!

“I feel like I’ve only just scratched the surface with Nathan and I feel like there’s a lot more there,” she said in an interview. “I wanna get to know him and I wanna know who he is as a person. I wanna see if there’s potential for the relationship to grow in some way.”

With the group date over and sparks flying all over the place, will any of these pairs make it to the end? Anything can happen in Paradise...

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