Bachelor In Paradise: "It’s Okay To Have Feelings" - Jules Arrives In Paradise As A Whole New Man

As the revolving door of Paradise saw the exit of Cat and Queen Vanessa Sunshine early in tonight's episode, we were soon surprised by the arrival of two new familiar faces, in Jules Bourne and Davey Lloyd.

Speaking to Jules over the phone on Wednesday -- which happened to be his birthday -- he was excited.

"It’s a weird thing, it’s kind of like the best birthday present going around and getting to do this cool Paradise stuff on my birthday," he said, adding that he was "super stoked in every facet and aspect of [his] life right now".

He's also stoked to see how his time in Paradise plays out on screens, after having what sounded like a pretty magical experience filming in Fiji.

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Telling us that everyone was constantly noting "how good" everything was -- "How good is this, what we're doing!", "How good is where we are!" -- Jules said that he was "so incredibly grateful" for every day of his Paradise journey.

"It was one of the best things that has ever happened to me in my life," he said.

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It wasn't just that "you'd be crazy to say no" to Paradise that saw Jules sign up, though. Aside from the opportunity to "meet gorgeous women and hang out with epic dudes in Fiji", Jules was hoping for "more of a genuine chance to find someone for me".

"I knew nothing about Ali going into the mansion, so it was quickly dawned upon me that I wasn’t really white picket fence material at this stage of my life," he shared, adding that Paradise just "felt right and made sense" for him.

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After seeing himself being portrayed as "a bit of a caricature" of himself on Ali's season, the Jules entering Paradise doesn't just have a whole new look, after shaving his 'mo and freshening up his look, he's also ready to be more emotionally vulnerable this time around.

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Hoping to be "taken more seriously" with his new look, Jules shared that the biggest lesson he took from his time in the Bachelorette mansion was "not to be such an emotional roadblock".

Coming from his "previous life in the army", Jules shared that he found it hard to be vulnerable and express his feelings, and he wanted this time on Paradise to be different.

"Rewatching myself on Bachelorette, I had fun, and I was myself, but I was a bit of a caricature of myself, if that makes sense," he said. 

He continued:

"It’s okay to have feelings, and it’s okay to feel a little bit confused about your emotions and not stonewall. Bachelorette taught me that it’s okay to be confused and to be nervous and maybe have feelings here or there."

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The new and improved Jules was hoping to meet Tenille and Emily from Nick Cummins' season of The Bachelor in Paradise, but he was adamant about remaining open to everyone.

"I didn’t wanna have 'I want to meet X Y and Z' [in  my mind] because I felt like if those people didn’t enter, I’d be disappointed and potentially miss out on what’s right in front of me," he said, before conceding that Tenille and Emily were "just gorgeous".

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"They look naturally gorgeous and from what I saw from telly they just seemed like calm-natured sweethearts," he said.

"At the same time, I wanted to meet anyone and everyone, I just wanted to go in clean slate," he added. "Whoever you are, let’s grab a drink, walk on the beach, have some fun!"

Jules paused.

"And also just for the epicness of like, internet culture and memeology, I wanted to meet Vanessa Sunshine, because… she’s Vanessa f**king Sunshine!"

Honestly? Same.

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