Mr Black Is Not Here For Your Millennial Nonsense

Stephen Curry's new comedy is coming soon to 10.

Peter Black is a 48-year-old former sports journo who is now battling a disease eroding his bones. Standing at the precipice of his own mortality, Mr Black has to walk with a cane and take his electric scooter for longer trips.

It's a big adjustment, but that's not the only inconvenience he's having to battle with the arrival of his beloved daughter Angela's new boyfriend, Fin.

Forced to move in with his daughter as his health continues to deteriorate, Mr Black is forced to wage war on the soft, bleeding-heart millennial Angela has started sharing her life with.

It's a war of wits and it appears Fin has come unarmed. At least, that's what Mr Black thinks.

Mr Black Is Not Here For Your Millennial Nonsense
The cast of 'Mr. Black' Stephen Curry, Nick Russell and Sophie Wright. Image: Network 10.

The series was created by the award-winning actor and producer behind Wilfred, Adam Zwar who also created Squinters and Lowdown.

Starring Stephen Curry as the titular Mr Black, the series also features Nick Russell as Fin, Sophie Wright as Angela, Nadine Garner as Mr Black's ex-wife and Angela's mum and Paul Denny as Malcolm, Mr Black's best mate.

Apparently, the idea came about when Zwar was working on developing a different project with the team at CJZ, but they fell in love with the idea of the ill-tempered Mr Black who wages a psychological war against his daughter's boyfriend.

We can't wait to see how this turns out.

Mr Black is coming soon to 10 and WIN Network.