Bachelor In Paradise 2019: Meet Connor, The New Hottie In Paradise

“I’m Connor, I’m 26 and I’m from Becca’s season of The Bachelorette USA. I am probably best known for throwing one of the cast member’s picture frames into the pool.”

And just like that, we welcomed Connor J. Obrochta into Paradise and our hearts.

Explaining that one of the guys he was living with in the Bachelorette mansion “kept putting [the picture] in front of the cameras, showing it off, kissing it” in front of everyone, Connor quickly decided he’d had enough.

“Long story short, I just said ‘I’m getting rid of this thing,” he shared.

Nowadays, however, he looks back on the incident as “the only regret” from his time on the show.

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“I was embarrassed,” he explained, “so coming into Paradise, I would just like people to know my true side. How kind I am, how genuine I am, and just get to know me for me.”

So who exactly IS Connor?

A fitness coach from St. Petersburg in Florida, Connor’s original Bachelorette profile described him as “a risk-taker, whose health and fitness is his #1 priority”. One look at his Instagram can also confirm this for anyone in doubt.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit S:

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(See what we did there? Exhibit ABS? Ha!)

His Instagram reveals that he’s “God fearing” and that he also works as a model. Over on Twitter, however, was where we got a better sense of the man behind the abs.

Like the rest of us, he loved the Fyre festival doco:

He loves the thrill of a yellow light.

He’s not about a morning trip to the mall, but will do what he has to do!

He liked Green Book:

He’s gotta have his java:

He hates mornings but loves sunrises!

He’s a nap enthusiast:

He’s not afraid to show emotion:

He bops to “7 Rings”:

He’s never been to a music festival, but he’s open to the possibility!

And he knows his strengths (even if they’re not spelling):

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