Bachelor In Paradise 2019: Vanessa Sunshine Has Arrived In Paradise And Everyone Is Thrilled

It’s been too long since Vanessa Sunshine graced our screens with her unapologetic honesty and iconic resting b**** face during Nick Cummins’ season of 'The Bachelor' last year.

And now, Vanessa’s sauntered her way into Paradise -- and back into our hearts -- and Bach fans couldn’t be happier to watch her search for love all over again and tell us what she really thought about Nick.

Our Sunshine queen was greeted by Osher with some good news and some bad news. While she’d be walking into Paradise with a date card -- she’d also have to inhale some stale body odour and cologne from a selection of tees to decide who she’d be taking out for some alone time.

Who is the owner of this hideous but pleasant-smelling Hawaiian shirt? (Network 10).

“Mmm, I’m not into it!” she told Osher as she headed for her mystery date, guided only by the pheromones lurking on a Hawaiian shirt she had dubbed “hideous”.

Fans were also pleased to see that Vanessa has not changed one bit, not hiding her disappointment to see 'party boy' Nathan walking across the sand.

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“F***, I picked Nathan,” she said, before telling him, “I don’t know who you are,” as they awkwardly hugged on the beach and set off for their very oily couples massage date where she complained that he "dumped a load of oil over me".

An oily time with Nathan (Network 10).
Not into Nathan's massage technique (Network 10)

Which, yeah, we've got to agree with Vanessa -- that was probably too much massage oil, Nathan.

And while her date with Nathan might have been a dud, we're just glad Vanessa's back and we're ready to proclaim her our spirit animal/patronus/life coach/Bachelorette/cult leader.

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Feature Image: Network 10.