Bachelor In Paradise 2019: Brooke's Big Love Triangle

It may only be night two in Paradise, but things are heating up quickly.

On one hand, we have Cat, Rachael and Cass all interested in Richie, but the real love triangle that’s set to stir up some drama this season is the one between Brooke Blurton, Alex Bordyukov -- aka American Alex -- and Alex Nation.

After being charmed by American Alex and his impeccable abs on night one, Alex Nation arrived in Paradise the very next day, leaving Brooke torn between two Alexes.

Chatting to American Alex about what animal they would be, she guessed “a wolf”, but he wasn’t so sure.

American Alex reckons he's not afraid of a little competition from Alex Nation (Network 10)

“A wolf? Nooo, I’m like… a badger,” he replied, prompting an audible noise of disgust from Brooke.

“Awkward!” she said, as he realised what he’d just said. Laughing she added, “Yeah, touchy subject! You’re not a badger… you’re actually better looking.”

“I’m very keen on Brooke, so any time I get a chance to chat with her, I take that opportunity,” he shared in an interview. “My mind is made up. If I were to give out a rose, I think I would give it to Brooke.”

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Following Alex Nation’s explosive reunion with Richie, she was ready to explore some new connections, and Brooke was at the forefront of her mind.

“I really want to get to know Brooke, I’m fascinated by her and there’s just something about her that I feel I have to get to know and need to find out what that is.”

"Always will be a hopeless romantic!" says Alex Nation (Network 10).

And the feeling was very much reciprocated, as Brooke revealed in an interview that she was also feeling “drawn to Alex”.

“We have tried to catch up for a drink here and there, but the circumstances haven’t always, sort of, come together,” she revealed in an interview. “She’s the kind of person that I want to spend time with and I hope that once she gets to know me she feels the same way.”

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With sparks flying before Brooke and Alex Nation had even had a chat, American Alex could already sense the shift.

“When Alex and Brooke leave and have a chat, I know I’m in trouble here,” he said. “I wasn’t concerned about other men here, but Alex Nation is not a man.”

Speaking about their first chat in an interview, Brooke revealed how anxious she was at the time.

Brooke said she tried to keep her cool when Alex Nation walked into Paradise (Network 10).

“Talking to Alex Nation for the first time, I’m like sweaty, I’m nervous, I’ve been crushing on her for like, bloody months and I hope she feels the same way,” Brooke shared.

And so far, it seems she does.

“There’s something about Brooke, she’s just got this aura about her, and I feel like we understand each other,” Alex Nation said in an interview. “And her eyes, oh God, her eyes, they’ll be the death of me. They’re beautiful. I think, given the chance, we could have something amazing.”

Chatting about the other people in Paradise with them, Alex revealed that she’d felt a connection with Jimmy, while Brooke spoke about her connection with American Alex.

“But, like, I don’t wanna put all my eggs in one basket, because you don’t know what’s gonna happen,” Brooke added.

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Alex agreed. “In situations like this, anything can change,” she said. “I really wanted to meet you and get to know you… because I did have such a good feeling about you, you do have this very beautiful energy about you and you’re a very impressive person, you are.”

“Aw, cute! Coming in with the red hot compliments over here,” Brooke replied, before adding: “I really need to get this off my chest, as well… you’re pretty cute.” She laughed. “Man, I’ve been holding that in for aaaaages!”

Which Alex will win Brooke's attention? (Network 10)

Back with the others, American Alex was still feeling “pretty confident” in his connection to Brooke, despite seeing her laughing and chatting with Alex Nation.

“She’s been very transparent with me, and she would tell me if there was something else she was interested [in pursuing],” he said. “So no, I’m not worried about Alex.”

Should American Alex be worried about Alex Nation? Should Alex Nation be worried about American Alex? Only time will tell!

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