Bachelor In Paradise 2019: Smackdown! Rachael Slaps Osher

Returning from Richie’s season, 34-year-old Rachael is back and looking for love in Paradise.

“Oh my gosh, people best remember me for crying,” she said, laughing. “So this time around, we are gonna make this happen, and I really wanna walk out finding love.”

So what’s Rachael been up to since The Bachelor? According to her, not much, as she told Osher that she “[doesn’t] really like dating”.

“I find it really awkward, I just get over it, so I’m like, ‘I can’t be f**ked, I’ll just wait for Paradise again’,” she said, cracking up.

Looking for an “electronic connection”, Rachael said she hasn’t felt that in awhile, before revealing that she may still be carrying a flame for Richie.

“I have a little soft spot for Richie, I think he’s adorable and I feel as though, looking at where he is at and where I’m at, I don’t know, it just worked,” she said. “I felt like it could still work. If he was there, I dunno, I feel like it could still work.”

It was all laughs as Rachael and Osher caught up until, right in the middle of a sentence, Rachael lost her train of thought, saying: “Oh my God, you’ve got a mosquito on your face”.

Next thing we knew, Rachael had slapped Osher!

Taking it all in stride, Osher deadpanned:

“Do I? Or did you just wanna slap me?”

“No! No! It was literally on your cheek!” Rachael protested, laughing, before Osher cracked a smile.

“Thank you, I appreciate it,” he replied.

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In an interview, Rach said she’s ready to lure the guys in with her “sexy eyes”, before cracking up at her attempt to flutter her lashes seductively.

“I’ll have to work on that later,” she said, cackling to herself.

Despite not quite nailing her ~come hither~ glance, Rachael’s entrance still managed to cause quite a stir in Paradise.

“I could immediately see all the boys like, ‘oooh’,” said Cat, as Bill and Nathan both indicated their interest.

Writing Nathan off as a little too young, Rachael first connected with Bill, chatting about their time on their respective seasons.

In an interview, Rachael attempted to explain her feelings, first noting that although he was “very attractive” he didn’t have the “jaw-dropping, do a double look” quality, before reconsidering.

“Ohh, I don’t know, is he a double look man? He’s tall… yeah, he’s… yeah, he’s a double looker. Yeah… he’s a double looker,” she mused, laughing. “He’s just got these eyes, that’s cheeky, and he does this thing with his tongue. He always sticks his tongue out! I don’t know, when he says something cheeky he’s like (sticks her tongue out) -- I can’t do it, he just does it naturally. Yeah, there’s definitely chemistry between us. Yeah, I fancy Bill!”

Welcome back, Rachael!

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