Bachelor In Paradise 2019: Brooke Spills The Tea On Nick: "I Don't Wanna Protect Him Anymore"

It may be early in the season of 'Bachelor in Paradise', but there’s certainly not a lack of drama.

With so many of “Nick Cummins’ rejects” -- as Alisha put it -- in Paradise, it was only a matter of time before the girls sat down to chat about the man who left Australia gasping when he didn’t choose a winner at the end of his season of The Bachelor last year.

“We’re ready to have a bit of a debrief and we’re ready to spill the tea,” said Alisha in a voiceover, as Brooke, Cass, Cat and Alisha sat down to chat.

After making it to the top three and being labelled the frontrunner of the season, Brooke made the decision to leave the competition, shocking pretty much everyone.

As the girls sat down, there was one question on everyone’s mind: “What happened?”

“I feel like watching the show I felt so much chemistry between you and Nick,” said Cat. “What made you walk out of there, what happened?”

“I thought there was definitely chemistry there, obviously I got the most time and we developed something pretty good,” Brooke agreed, before revealing she had a bombshell to drop that was going to rock Nick’s world.

In an interview, Brooke said that she didn’t want to “protect” him anymore, adding: “he’s gonna hate me for this.”

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Turns out, Nick already knew that he wasn’t going to pick anyone in the finale, even before the top three rose ceremony.

“My last date with Nick, we were on a motorbike,” Brooke said. “I thought maybe I would be the girl at the end, but he stopped the cameras and smothered his mic to tell me that he wasn’t gonna pick anyone in the end.”

A chorus of shock rang through the girls.

“Did he physically say that to you?” asked Cass.

“Yeah, he wasn’t gonna pick anyone in the end,” Brooke reiterated.

Asked if she felt like she should’ve told Britt and Sophie, who went on to be dumped during the explosive finale, Brooke said: “He told me not to tell anyone and I protected him for that reason.”

She continued:

“It ate at me, the secret of that just killed me. What are you supposed to do with that? Pretty much just broke my heart and then made me feel like I had to keep it a secret.

“I couldn’t tell the other girls, and I felt that was really shit. And I don’t regret the decision to leave ‘coz why would I wanna be with someone that’s not committed? I’m not gonna waste my time and I feel like that’s what he did to us.”

In an interview, Brooke slammed Nick’s decision to become the Bachelor as a “shit move”, saying: “As the Bachelor, you know what you’re going in for, and you should be at that point in life where you wanna spend time with someone, and I feel like Nick was def not in that space.”

The girls all appreciated Brooke’s honesty, with Cat adding: “it’s just… classic him. I know that you guys like him, but I do not,” with a laugh.

Alisha then turned her attention to Cass -- who was arguably the person with the most at stake throughout the season -- asking her if she was okay.

“Yeah I’m fine now, I’m happy,” Cass said, before noting that she felt “awkward” talking about it. “I think it’s in the past now,” she added.

“I agree,” Cat chimed in. “What’s happened has happened and we’ve got all these new guys here… I reckon we just move forward and hopefully we leave here with someone that loves us. Cheers to never speaking of Nick Cummins again!”

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