Bachelor In Paradise 2019: Shannon Scores The First Date -- Again

She was Nick Cummins’ first pick for a single date on last year’s 'Bachelor', and although she now looks back on that date as a bullet dodged, Shannon did learn a thing or two from her time spent with the Honey Badger.

“I’ve learned that physical interaction is important,” she laughed, referencing the rule she had of not kissing on the first date during Nick’s season. “So, what I’ve planned on doing different this time is to just throw myself in and see who I’m physically feeling that attraction to.”

Noting the “better ratio” of men and women in Paradise, Shannon quickly got the attention of Jimmy, but when she scored the first date card of the season, it was Paddy and his good vibes that won out in the end.

“Paddy’s got the first date in Paradise!” Paddy declared, satisfied. But not everyone was so excited for the pair.

As Shannon and Paddy embarked on their date, everyone was shocked, with Cat left feeling especially salty. In an interview, she vented: “It’s Shannon, getting the first date card, round two. I just feel like… she has it very easy all of the time, she comes on The Bachelor and gets the first date, she comes here and all the guys adore her, it’s like ‘heyyy… what about the other ones?’”

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Also surprised by Shannon’s choice was fellow Honey Badger alum and Cat’s bestie Alisha, who had her eye on Paddy from the get-go.

“Bloody Shazza stole my man!” she exclaimed, laughing. “Bloody Shaz!”

As it turned out, though, Alisha didn’t have much to worry about. Despite having a romantic date complete with dinner and a performance by a Fijian choir, the sparks weren’t flying when Shaz and Paddy smooched at the end of their date.

“I think that might be as far as it goes for me, so, ya know,” said Shannon, ready to brush herself off and see who else was around to connect with in Paradise, and it was no big deal for Paddy, either.

“Let’s be honest, you’re in the friend zone. Unlucky! Jog on,” he shrugged.

Back with the group, Alisha was thrilled to hear that their date had fizzled romantically.

“I’m like, ‘winning!’, back in it, me and Paddy love story, here we come!” she exclaimed, to the delight of Shannon.

“Thank God Alisha’s here, takes all the pressure off of Shannon!” she declared.

Whether Alisha and Paddy is a love story for the ages or not has yet to be seen, but for now, at least, all’s well that ends well?

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