Bachelor In Paradise 2019: Bill Wants To Find Love To Complete His Perfect Life

Excited for the show to kick off tonight, Bill told 10 Daily that he's been "waiting a long time" for the show's premiere.

After making quite a splash during Ali's season of The Bachelorette last year, Bill Goldsmith is back and looking for love to complete the puzzle of his perfect life.

"Everything else in my life turned out perfectly, at the moment," Bill said, adding that he just wants "to fall in love and create a family, to be honest".

Although he may not have won Ali's heart last time around, Bill said that his experience and the reaction to him from the public was positive enough that he was open to returning when Paradise came calling.

"I just thought, ‘why not?'" he said, "Give it a go, try to meet someone and form a connection -- and hopefully, maybe a relationship -- and come back to Melbourne and, or, depending who they were, move interstate, try to work it out post-show."

This time around, Bill went in with a clearer idea of what he was looking for, and with more women to choose from, he hoped to find "someone who communicates openly about everything, and straight away".

Explaining that the isolation from the real world while filming The Bachelorette created an environment for him to "really think about what [he] wanted for the future... and the values and things [he wanted] in a relationship".

So who was Bill hoping to run into in Paradise?

"I wrote down a few names," he said coyly, "I watched a bit of the Honey Badger’s season -- I didn’t watch it all -- but I watched some of it, so I think I said Brooke, Florence, Shannon and Tenille".

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One person we WON'T be seeing, however, is his good friend Amy -- lovingly dubbed "dog park Amy".

Asked if we'd be in for a surprise appearance from the friend who drilled Ali during hometown week last year, which involved the revelation of a past ~encounter~, Bill cackled.

"There is NO CHANCE you’re gonna see one of my good friends Amy, from the dog park, who is still one of my good friends, to this day, she’s not my ex-girlfriend! Was NEVER my girlfriend! Just wanna clear that up!" he exclaimed, still laughing as he added: "I can confirm that there’s no Paradise twists involving Amy."

With that pressing question out of the way, we were free to ask him about his experience shooting this season.

"It was good!" he enthused. "It was a good overall experience in Fiji -- Obviously, you’re away in a foreign country, so it’s exciting, and the weather’s generally better than what it was in Sydney!"

Noting that the exotic location made them settle into"holiday mode" a bit more, he added: "And we all know that holidays can be conducive to meeting someone and being very relaxed and… yeah… potentially falling in love!"

While we'll have to wait and see how Bill's journey turns out this season, he's optimistic about the show after getting a positive reception last year.

"The reaction from the general public has all been positive," he told us. "I haven’t really had anyone -- I haven’t had one instance where someone’s come up and spoken to me negatively or anything like that. There’s always people who are out there who will have their opinions, [but] it’s their opinion, they’re entitled to it, it’s a public forum."

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