Bachelor In Paradise 2019: Party Brittney's Back And Sadness Is Cancelled

Party Brittney is back, and Bachie fans can’t get enough.

After her short-lived but scene-stealing time on Nick Cummins’ season of The Bachelor, which included a failed attempt at a conga line and dancing to music that didn’t exist, Party Brittney conga-d her way into Paradise.

“Conga for two, this time!” she declared to Osher, clarifying: “All I need is a boyfriend! And then if he proposes I’m gonna say yes!”

The 25-year-old went on to share that she wants “three kids by 30”, so she’s in a rush to meet her Mr. Right.

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“I won’t tell ‘em til the second date, don’t wanna scare them off!” she laughed.

Whacking herself in the face with a flower as she went to meet her fellow Bachie hopefuls, she declared: “Look out paradise, Brittney’s back!”

Back, indeed, and fans couldn’t be happier, as she went on to label Bill “salt and pepper goodness”, note that she’ll “go for anyone”, and to reveal her overwhelming fear of birds.

"So when I was little I put my head in a cage full of birds," she said, "and ever since then I've had the biggest phobia 'coz they attacked me so bad".

Welcome back, and never change, Britt!

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Feature image: 10