We Need 'Game Of Thrones: SVU' To Be A Real Thing, Please

It's the game of crossovers we weren't prepared for.

With the final season premiere of Game of Thrones just a week away,  Saturday Night Live prepared a delicious smorgasbord of imaginary GoT spinoffs as a way of celebrating the epic HBO drama coming to an end after eight years.

Except after seeing a few snippets of shows like Cersei In The City, The Marvellous Mrs. Melisandre, Hodor's House and Arya (a play on Daria) -- we're extremely ready for these 'joke shows' to actually get greenlit. What the hell are we meant to watch when Game of Thrones comes to an end?

But if we were to potentially get behind any one of these ambitious SNL crossovers, we'd happily start an online petition to get Game Of Thrones: SVU on the air already.

The skit featured Law & Order legends Mariska Hargitay and Ice-T (in character as Fin and Olivia Benson) in flowing GoT robes, hopping under some crime scene tape on the east side of Rhaenys' Hill.

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“You're telling me some sick son of a b**** cut his thing off, then fed it to his dog?" Ice-T asks.

"Yep," she replies as they stroll toward the victim in a torch-lit sandstone hallway.

"Then gouged the man’s eyes out, then fed him his own eyes, then wore his skin to an orgy, then got busy in the holes where his eyes used to be?” Ice-T continues.

"Circle gets the square," Mariska sighs, in the scene that really isn't too much of a stretch from the gnarly cases the pair investigates in NYC.

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Fans on Twitter are already on board with the crossover scene becoming a full crossover series.

The SNL skit even replaced the Law & Order executive Dick Wolf with the much more GoT appropriate, Dire Wolf.

You can watch the hilarious SNL crossovers below:

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Main Image: NBC/SNL