Lady Julia Morris Just Proved She's Queen Of The Dancefloor

Chris and Julia showed off their moves in a glorious disco-fever dance-off.

After a groovy introduction from Timomatic, Dr. Chris burst onto the dancefloor like a blonde John Travolta -- fully kitted out in a white Saturday Night Fever suit and showing off some moves fresh from 1978.

Esteemed Judge Matt Preston -- who swapped desserts for dance moves tonight -- joked that the performance had all the charm of a "baby giraffe taking its first steps" before adding that it was "just beautiful".

"That is the nicest thing that anyone's ever said about my dancing," Chris admitted.

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But it was our Lady Julia that proved she's the real dancer of the duo -- sashaying on stage to the Bee Gees' "You Should Be Dancing" like a pro.

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Matt crowned Julia's routine as the night's big winner -- and the audience agreed that our Queen of The Jungle is also our undisputed Queen of The Dancefloor.

Honestly, if Chris and Julia could somehow team up for Dancing With The Stars, we wouldn't be mad about it.

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Main Image: Network Ten.