Bachelor In Paradise 2019: Alisha Aitken-Radburn Doesn't Want To Just Narrate This Season

This time around she wants a slice of the fun.

For some, heading into Paradise is a decision they have to mull over. On the other hand, there's Alisha Aitken-Radburn.

"It was actually just totally easy for me," she told 10 daily. "I got the call and I was just like... yep, absolutely, I'm in."

Rather than being anxious about the experience, Aitken-Radburn said she was more nervous the call may never come.

"I was trying to not get myself too excited just in case it didn't come off," she said.

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During her time on The Bachelor, Aitken-Radburn perhaps had two direct sentences with Nick Cummins, the rest of the time she spent sh*t-stirring with her mates Cat and Romy

The bulk of her screentime was in the form of her to-camera pieces. Storytelling comes naturally for Aitken-Radburn, and her ability to sum up the drama of the day made her one of the most entertaining narrators of the season.

But she insists wasn't there to spend most of her time looking down the barrel of a camera, she was there to find love.

"I feel like I peaked in the first episode and then faded away. At the end of the day, I felt gypped by the whole experience," she said.

"Going on The Bachelor I didn't even go on a date! I signed up for a reality TV show and didn't even get butterflies. Hopefully, in Paradise, I get some butterflies."

But it wasn't all a disappointment, saying she loved the TV side of things -- "I loved getting to know the crew, I found that enjoyable."

Aitken-Radburn is now ready for a new opportunity.

"I know it sounds wanky but I'm genuinely excited about a second chance at finding love, and I'm a Bach super-fan so watching Ali's season I thought there were a few cute guys," she revealed.

When pressed on who she hoped would be in Paradise Alisha pivoted and instead to her detective work.

"I had the strongest feeling Jimmy [James Trethewie] was going in because I follow him on Instagram and he was doing some sort of eight-week challenge with his trainer," she said between fits of laughter, "I was like... he's gotta be going in."

The other bachelor she was keen to meet was a little more of a surprise, picking Paddy from Ali's season.

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"Seeing my season of The Bachelor and the treatment that the 'villains' got, knowing what I know of Romy and Cat who -- everyone's going to have a different opinion -- I'm so close to and they got a rough run," she said.

"There's more to those girls than what was shown, and I feel like Paddy was a 'semi-villain'."

Aitken-Radburn said that there's usually a reason behind why people on reality TV shows have acted the way they have, saying those that are shown in a "villainous" light usually have "a bit more substance to them".

"Not 100 percent across the board, but it definitely made me intrigued about Paddy, I wanted to see if there's more to him than 'fit as f**k'."

She paused before quickly adding, "Also I just wanted him to call me fit as f**k."

"Isn't that... surely that's the height of compliments for women!"

Bachelor in Paradise premieres April 9 at 7.30 on Network 10.

Featured image: Instagram @alisha.aitkenradburn.