Sunday Night Takeaway: Josh Gibson And Kris Smith Prank Gymgoers

Dr. Chris Brown and Julia Morris have two new victims for this week's Sunday Night Takeaway.

They're back at it again!

Australia's most mischievous duo, Dr Chris Brown and Lady Julia Morris are winding down the week with another hilarious celebrity prank -- and this time, their victims are Kris Smith and Josh Gibson!

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Heading to the local gym, the boys were set up with earpieces that had Chris and Julia on the other end telling them everything they had to do -- no matter how embarrassing -- and the results were (of course) hilarious.

"Do you promise to say and do everything we tell you to?" Dr. Chris asked the nervous duo.

"How the f**k did I get involved in this?" Kris replied.

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And it only gets better from there.

As we were lucky enough to watch on as Chris and Julia worked their hilarious magic, we can tell you that the devilish duo put Kris and Josh through the wringer -- and it was amazing.

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With the pair forced to do everything from teaching an entire fitness class (really, really badly) and showcase their 'Seven Second Seven Session Super Shake Shredding System', as well as having to undertake a personal training session of their own -- where Dr. Chris insisted the pair only ever address their trainer as "big dog".

Oh, they also showed off some ... interesting fitness moves that consisted of "the dirty butcher", "mama's shopping" and "the Australian eagle" -- and trust us, they're just as bizarre as they sound.

All we have to say is get ready to end your week with all the LOLs!

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Main Image: Network Ten.