Bachelor In Paradise 2019: Brooke Blurton Is Ready To Find Love On Her Terms

She brought us some of the biggest surprises on 'The Bachelor', and now fan favourite Brooke is back and ready for a second chance at love.

During her time on The Bachelor, Brooke took Nick aside to tell him that in the past she has had relationships with both men and women. Heading into Paradise, the big question on many people's minds is: will Brooke be looking for love with a man or a woman?

"Being able to explore more than one option is great but I'm just hoping I connect with the right person -- male or female," Brooke told 10 daily.

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But it's a question that carries a lot of weight every time she's asked. Being one of the few openly non-heterosexual women in the franchise, there's pressure for Brooke to confirm her sexuality as if she needs to prove it.

"I think people are like, 'Oh she's interested in women, she should get with so-and-so' and that's easier than you can plan in your head," she told 10 daily.

"I have felt quite a bit of pressure even when I disclosed it with Nick -- not the pressure to tell him but the pressure of other people like, 'if she's on The Bachelor why isn't she hooking up with the other girls?'"

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Saying she has had to come to terms with the assumptions and stereotypes thrown at her, Brooke also has to battle with being the first Indigenous bachelorette on the series and the way people will speak to her about her heritage.

Recently she called out followers on Instagram for racist DMs. Posting to her story Brooke captioned an image, "Literally frustrates me when I get DMs that say ‘You’re so pretty for an Aboriginal'."

"It actually frustrates me, and it takes me back to when I was in high school," she said. "I continuously got my Aboriginality questioned, not only by my peers or my friends or whoever, I got questioned by teachers, I got questioned by adults, I got questioned by randoms.

"It actually f**king confused me," Brooke continued, "because people questioning your Aboriginality or your cultural identity makes you actually question yourself."

Brooke's strength, intelligence and charm won audiences over pretty quickly as she emerged as an immediate frontrunner for Nick's final pick. One of the final three bachelorettes of the season, Brooke shocked the country when she simply up and walked out, letting the Honey Badger know she was taking herself out of the show.

The shocks keep coming, with Brooke telling us when people found out she was going into Paradise people were pretty surprised.

"The biggest reaction was definitely shock, like they thought I had my whole life exploded from the Sunday Project interview," Brooke said.

She was referring to the interview where Nick and his final four bachelorettes were all interviewed about the shock ending to the series with Nick picking neither of his final two bachelorettes.

In the interview, Brooke spoke about feeling raw, telling Lisa Wilkinson at the time: "My whole life has just been exposed. Not just my love life, my family life."

"I don't know why they were surprised," Brooke said to 10 daily thinking about the reaction to her return to the franchise, "I'm going into Paradise for the same reason I went on Bachelor."

Here's hoping Paradise has a much happier ending for Brooke.

Bachelor in Paradise premieres April 9 at 7.30 on Network 10.

Featured image: Instagram @brooke.blurton.