Bachelor In Paradise 2019: Cass Knows Her Worth -- 'I Deserve The Best'

With her past romantic history with Nick Cummins before even applying to be on The Bachelor, it’s safe to say that Cass Woods’ arc on The Bachelor was one of the most captivating and heartbreaking of the series.

Only 23 at the time, it was clear to viewers from the start that she was heavily emotionally invested in Nick, which led many to label her a “stage-five clinger” early in the season.

As the season went on and viewers got a better idea of the pair’s history and dynamic, however, the tide turned in her favour and viewers began rooting for Cass.

Eliminated from the competition in the final four, it was a heartbreak felt by anyone who’s been crushed by unrequited love, and there was an outpouring of support for Cass.

Now, Cass is back, and just like Britney Spears once sang, she’s stronger than yesterday.

Chatting with 10 daily over the phone ahead of the April 9 premiere of Bachelor in Paradise, Cass told us that she’s “doing much better”.

“Obviously it’s been a lot of time now since that ending,” she said, adding, “I got my closure when that last episode aired and I’ve been really good.”

Calling her Bachelor journey “pretty crazy” and “a pretty intense time”, Cass noted that she was thankful for the support she’d received.

"I guess you could see that I got my heart broken on TV, but I had a lot of support from people which was nice,” she said.

The experience also helped her “grow a really thick skin” and realise her worth as a person.

“There were just so many different personalities in the house, as well as having previous history with Nick, that was really hard,” she explained. “I think after it all I grew stronger as a person and it made me realise what I’m looking for and what I want... and that I am worthy and that I deserve the best.”

An eternal optimist, she finishes, “And everyone deserves the best”.

So after such a crazy experience on The Bachelor the first time around, what was it that made her decide to come back for Bachelor in Paradise?

When we spoke to her back in September, Cass had been unsure of whether she’d want to, telling us:

"I honestly don’t know, ‘coz this whole thing was really hard for me, watching how I was portrayed, but also having history with the bachelor and going through that whole thing. I went on the show to find someone and I’m not seeing anyone now, so I’m still trying to find someone... I don’t know if going on Bachelor in Paradise is the right way to find someone, but who knows.”

With time, though, Cass came around to the idea.

“I didn’t plan to do it, ‘coz I was just going through everything from the first show, but then after my episode where I left aired, I felt much better. I was able to move on from it,” she shared.

Explaining that she was initially “wary” when asked to join the BiP cast, she eventually came to feel that her experience had been “a very random thing to happen” that “made everything much more intense”.

"By the end of it, I thought I may as well give it a go,” she said. “Maybe someone I’m meant to be with might be there!”

As for who she was hoping to meet in Paradise, Cass said that aside from her besties from Nick’s season, Sophie and Britt, she didn’t really have any expectations.

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“Guys-wise, I never really watched the previous seasons of The Bachelor / Bachelorette before, so I didn’t know anyone,” she said. “So I wasn’t really hoping for anyone in particular, just someone I could potentially get along with.”

From the clips we’ve seen so far, it appears that we’ll see Cass form a few love connections, and she assured us with a laugh that she had a better experience this time around.

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“I mean, I got so much out of the last one, but yeah, from this one it was definitely different, and it was way more chilled,” she said. “I think I was way more relaxed and more myself.”

She explained with a laugh: “I was myself last time but I couldn’t really speak, I was so nervous and shocked the whole time. But yeah, this one is way more chilled and it was good fun.”

Image: 10