Bachelor In Paradise 2019: James Trethewie Isn't Looking For Drama

His Instagram handle said it all along, and now Jimmy is heading to 'Paradise'.

You might remember James from season three of The Bachelorette where he attempted to win Sophie Monk's heart. Now, he's back for his second chance at love.

After his time on The Bachelorette James -- aka Jimmy -- ended up finding love the old fashioned way, which is apparently in the real world and not on TV. Unfortunately for Jimmy that didn't work out, but fortunately for us, the timing meant he was single and ready to mingle when season two of Bachelor in Paradise came about.

"I thought, you know what? Why not?" Jimmy told 10 daily, "I love the ocean, the beach and [Paradise] seems like a bit more of a relaxed vibe... and who knows?"

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After watching the first season of Paradise, Jimmy realised the odds would obviously be more in his favour of finding someone to spark with.

"I had a lot of friends in there and they had a great time, you could see them form solid relationships. I was a bit upset it didn't work out with Sophie but... you have to be open to opportunities," he said.

Throughout his time on The Bachelorette, Jimmy was an iridescent nice guy, charming and soft-spoken he seemed out-of-place at times when louder characters would bustle for Sophie's attention. Heading into Paradise and facing so many more big personalities, he was afraid of the risk of how he would come off, and if Australia would see a different side of him.

"I'm petrified, to be honest," he said, "If I go in and risk getting portrayed badly".

Seeking counsel from friends and loved ones, Jimmy was reassured that's not who he is. "They were like 'The things you worry about on a scale of 10 are another person's one," he said.

"I spoke to some people and everyone was like, 'That's not who you are'."

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The other worry was who he might run into in Paradise with Jimmy telling us the last thing he was looking for is drama.

"I guess there's always somebody that's in there that's a bit of a drama or person who seeks that out but I want a chilled relaxing time!"

Telling us he hoped to catch up with Shannon Baff from the Honey Badger's season, Jimmy also said the only other person who he hoped might be a surprise addition to the roster this year was Sophie Tieman.

While he learned his lesson with The Bachelorette that it can be a bit rough watching the episodes in a big group, James revealed Luke McLeod -- who appeared on Sophie's season of Bachelorette and in the first season of Paradise -- lives just around the corner.

"He's someone I'll be watching this stuff with," Jimmy said, "Maybe a few other friends but I learned last time how embarrassing it was when you have a party and all your mates are filming you."

And while the show airs Jimmy has no plans of hiding from the real life, "I'm not going into hibernation or anything," he said laughing.

"But who knows... that might change."

Bachelor in Paradise premieres April 9 at 7.30 on Network 10.

Featured image: Instagram @jimmys.paradise.