Conan O'Brien Tried His Very Best To Join The 'Bondi Rescue' Squad

Conan O'Brien tries to channel his inner David Hasselhoff on this week's episode of 'Bondi Rescue'.

The US talk show host visited Sydney's most famous beach this summer and decided that it was probably super easy to become a full-fledged lifeguard, ignoring advice from the pros.

"It takes a whole lifetime of being in the ocean and getting comfortable in all types of conditions," warned Bondi Rescue's Whippet.

"Well I tell you something," replied Coco, "I think that’s bulls***. I don't have that kind of time. I’ve got about an hour," he explained.

O'Brien was given the special nickname of 'Fanta Pants' and set off to create the perfect Bondi montage, running in slo-mo on the sand and attempting to paddle off into the surf.

"I like to put myself in situations where I don’t belong, and I definitely don’t belong in the same class as these men," Conan conceded, adding that after just a few minutes in the sun, he was smelling like a "freshly cooked ham".

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Head lifeguard Bruce 'Hoppo' Hopkins told 10 daily that Coco's excursion to the beach was "good fun", even if the comedian wasn't ready to join the Bondi Rescue team just yet.

"He jumped on a board and tried to paddle and went for a bit of a swim," Hoppo said.

"It was funny, he was dragging himself so badly because he’s quite pale and skinny."

Hoppo said the American comedian might "need a fair bit of training" but was a very good sport down on the beach.

"The other thing he realised is we all make it look easy because we do it every day -- but it’s more difficult than what you’d think," Hoppo added.

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Main Image: Network Ten.