Jane Fonda Opened Up About Battles With Cancer

In a recent interview with British Vogue, the iconic actor was very candid when it came to her health.

"I've had a lot of cancer," Fonda told British Vogue's Non-Issue Issue, calling herself a "sun-worshipper".

"When I have a day off, I frequently go to my skin doctor and have things cut off me by a surgeon," the 81-year-old said.

Speaking on how her experiences with cancer had affected her, Fonda pointed to the 2016 Golden Globes saying she chose a gown "with all the ruffles" across her chest because she had just had a mastectomy.

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"I had to cover my bandages," the Grace and Frankie star said before noting that her diagnosis was "an ongoing process".

"So, there's that," she said.

In 2010 Fonda had a small, non-invasive tumour removed from her breast which had been discovered during a routine check-up.

After the cancer scare, Fonda told Oprah Winfrey during an interview that it was "a good test" as she had always maintained she wasn't afraid of dying.

"And I wasn’t. I mean... I’ve just joined a family of millions of women who have gone through this. And how interesting. What a journey this is going to be."

Fonda added that she wasn't scared, "I hope I don't die, but I'm not scared of dying."

During the 2018 press tour for her Netflix series which co-stars Lily Tomlin, Fonda said in interviews that she had just had a cancerous growth from her lip.

During a BUILD Series appearance, Fonda explained she had expected her lip to have healed before the press tour had kicked off, saying that it was all fine.

"I just want to explain it, I don't normally go around like this," she added.

Her health battles aren't the only things Fonda has been candid about, telling Vogue she hasn't been looking to dive into any relationships any time soon. "That is my failing, I realise I can never overcome it, that when I'm with a man I give myself up."

Fonda has had a great year with the fifth season of her Netflix season arriving on the platform in January, and right before its release, the streaming giant announced the series had already been picked up for a sixth season.

Featured image: Getty Images.