Bachelor In Paradise 2019: Nathan Isn't A Party Boy He Just Wants To Party With The Boys

His departure from 'The Bachelorette' was fiery, this time around Nathan is just hoping to have a chilled time in Paradise.

Admitting that when he was asked to head into Paradise, Nathan first thought about turning it down, "but I thought it is definitely more my lifestyle... hanging out on the beach, a whole bunch of guys and girls," he told 10 daily, "it seemed more relaxed."

Nathan Favro's time on The Bachelorette was anything but relaxed, with his departure proving to be one of many heated cocktail parties during Ali Oetjen's season.

One of Ali's favourites at the time, Charlie Newling, fed back information that Nath had been spreading rumours about Ali to some of the other guys during some downtime.

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"He made up stories that he knows people that are your friends and apparently emphasised that the rumours were true," Charlie told Ali at the time. "So not only did he say the rumours, but he made us believe that the rumours were actually true about you."

After Ali -- and Charlie -- confronted Nathan he was shown the door before the rose ceremony had even kicked off.

Bachelor in Paradise Nathan Favro Returns For No Drama
Ali and Nathan's clash sent him packing before the rose ceremony in season 4. Image: Network 10.

But walking into Paradise, Nathan isn't looking to redeem himself after his departure from the bach pad.

"I'm not going to redeem myself, I'm going to have fun," he said adding his experience on The Bachelorette wasn't for an audience, "it was for me to potentially find someone".

"I didn't actually watch The Bachelorette," Nath admitted adding he also has no plans to watch his time on Paradise either saying "the good times are just on set... I think yeah, it's just about being in the moment."

When we asked Nathan who he hoped to find in Paradise to have some of those good times, he immediately said he wanted a reunion with fellow season four alum Bill Goldsmith.

"I definitely wanted to see Bill in Paradise, we're lifelong mates from [The Bachelorette] experience," he said, saying it was important to go through the filming process with good support and people you can trust.

His wishlist continued with a friend from the outside world. "Obviously myself and Davey [Lloyd] have been pretty good mates for a long time," he said adding he'd love to see his buddy walk into Paradise for a second try.

There was a brief pause before we clarified with Nath if there were any bachelorettes he had hoped to see in Paradise.

"Oh, girls? I was keen to meet Shannon [Baff], but as for the rest of them it's super hard to tell from what you see on TV and what you hear through the grapevine," Nathan said, "Everyone's so different and I wanted to play it by ear."

As for the drama of Bachelorette, Nath isn't interested. "Paradise is a different place. I'm gonna have a good time, I don't like to hold grudges."

Bachelor in Paradise premieres April 9 at 7.30 on Network 10.