Dancing With The Stars 2019: Sir Curtly Ambrose Goes Out On A High

Sir Curtly Ambrose may have been the latest celeb to be eliminated, but he made sure to take things to another level before leaving.

Admitting they were exhausted, Curtly and his dance partner Siobhan Power had just come off a massive night of performing.

From their partnered performance, to a group dance with judge Tristan MacManus, to a dance-off against Jimmy Rees, the pair were up against it.

"It was very had on Siobhan," Curtly told 10 daily, with the pro dancer also featuring in an incredible ensemble performance with the other professional partners. "I just sat there and let her give me instructions. I can't imagine how tired she is."

The pair fought hard to stay in the competition week after week, with their most recent performance soaring to new heights. Dancing the foxtrot, Siobhan decided to include a dramatic lift.

Just for reference, Siobhan is about 5'4" while the champion cricket player is 6'8", and when he's fully extending his arms? She was basically touching the ceiling.

Dancing With The Stars 2019: Sir Curtly Ambrose Goes Out On A High
Should we take the stairs or the lift? Image: Network 10.

"Siobhan doesn't like heights," Curtly laughed, "I said, 'why would you put this in the routine?' but she told me if we were going to go out... we were going out on a high."

Siobhan admitted it took a bit of convincing to get Curtly on board with the risky stunt, but once they successfully pulled it off the first time, he was totally ready to bring it to the dance floor.

The pair had a challenge from the get-go, with their height difference proving to be an obstacle they would work through each week. "I get frustrated a lot because I strive for perfection," Curtly said, "when I keep messing up I'd hit my head like 'C'mon, get it right!' but Siobhan was very comforting and that kept me going."

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Another big motivator was the massive public support that kept them in the competition -- despite falling to the bottom a few weeks in a row, Curtly and Siobhan escaped elimination when it came to the public votes.

That ongoing fan support kept the pair motivated and gave them the drive to push on each week. "We just wanted to do better for our fans," Curtly added.

"The judges weren't very kind to us," he laughed, "To be honest we were never really worried about the judges and the score. We survived that many rounds because of how many votes, that tells me we had a lot of support in Australia.

"We knew we'd have fun, so we wanted our fans to enjoy our performances."

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Siobhan added that right before they'd perform, she'd remind Curtly of why they were there. "As we walked down to the floor I'd always say 'Just have fun with it'. If we have fun then we know the audience is going to have fun."

Sure, he might have been having fun while he was dancing, but according to Curtly, there was a time when he hadn't even considered signing up to the series.

Coming from a sporting background, Curtly's only dance experience came from when he was playing bass guitar with his band.

"At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it," he said, "but when I told my wife and five girls they immediately said I had to do it. I was outvoted six-to-one."

"It was a chance to show another side to Curtly," he continued, "everyone thinks of this mean, aggressive cricketer but there's a softer side to me as well and I think everyone saw that."

And if you think this is the end to Curtly's dance career, think again. "We should go on tour," Siobhan joked, before his eyes lit up, "Yeah, Siobhan and I should go on tour!"

Dancing With The Stars airs 7.30 Monday on 10 and 10 play.

Featured image: Network 10.