Dancing With The Stars 2019: Courtney Act Kept A Snack In Her Bra During Viennese Waltz

Courtney Act revealed her secret weapon on the dancefloor tonight -- keeping a sweet treat stuffed in her bra for good luck.

Dressed as the human form of the dancing woman emoji, as guest host Scott Tweedie pointed out,  Courtney danced the Viennese waltz with some seriously effortless grace.

But as she and partner Josh whirled their way over to Amanda Keller for a post-dance chat, Courtney revealed that she'd been carrying something along with her during the performance.

"I hope your skirt wasn’t covering your incredible leg work," said Amanda of Courtney's voluminous red dress.

"Do you know what was covering… I just realised I still have a snake stuffed down my top from earlier,” Courtney laughed.

“I could feel it melting!” she added, pulling out the yellow snake candy and splitting it with Josh.

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Courtney has already been a huge fan favourite -- and scored the season's first perfect score last week.

But it seems as though having this very relateable act of having a snack on hand has made her even more popular.

Main Image: Network Ten.